Rockin' Memories World Premiere

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Six of the original songs from “ Bop! The  Musical “ have been incorporated into a new play titled “Rockin’ Memories.”  The world premiere of this show was produced in May, 2014 at the Bozeman, Montana Senior Center.

The play was written by Faye Christensen and Larry Barker, the  original authors of Bop!  Faye directed the show, using members of her Reader’s Theatre group called "The Last Best Geri-Actors.”

The world premiere was produced in a dinner theatre setting (actually a Diner setting).  Meals were served by roller skating waitresses – all members of the Bozeman Roller Derby Team!

Over 100 guests were in the audience, and at the point in the show where audience members were encouraged to dance with the cast, most did and their smiles showed they had a great time.

The Senior Center Reader’s Theatre was formed in 2013, in part, through a grant from ISIP, a non-profit, publicly supported foundation.  For more information about ISIP and its activities check out it's website (coming soon).

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