Code of Practice
Code of practice at The International Center for Academic EvaluationTM
Code of Practice

The association that is solely responsible for providing academic credential evaluation services is The International Center for Academic EvaluationTM (ICAE). ICAE functions with a commitment to devise and enhance the moral levels of education evaluation. Foreign credential services have no governed oversight in most countries including the United States. ICAE was formed to provide this oversight worldwide. Therefore, participation in ICAE significantly reflects the excellence of work performed by credential evaluation services and a guarantee that the performed evaluation is dependable and honest.

Basic Principles

All members of ICAE agree to the principles of good practice that are mentioned below:

Promotional materials must:

  • give a schedule of fees, services provided, and normal time needed for the completion of the services;
  • give a detailed description of the terms and conditions relevant to the services.

The Application process is devised

  • to provide services to all clients in an honest and sincere manner, irrespective of their race, color, faith, sex, age, disability or nationality;
  • to gain the full documents for every individual case in order to supply a valid and complete evaluation.
  • to inform applicants as early as possible in the application process if further documentation is needed;
  • to state the results of providing modified, fallacious, fake, or deceptive documents or other information.

Guidelines for the process consists of:

  • the strategy developed for the evaluation of  credential shall depend upon competently accepted reference documentation;
  • to make certain that the evaluation rules and methodology are frequently reviewed in order to i
  • to involve a number of factors relevant to evaluation procedure , together with, but not confined to admission policies, program duration and/or clock hours, and award criteria.



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