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Piloting New Technologies

Driven by the End-User Perspective

Built by Operators, For Operators

Continental Technologies helps companies advance fuel, catalyst, chemical and polymer technologies, at any stage of development.

We specialize in pilot plants, bench-scale systems and modular, skidded units for industries such as oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, catalysts, polymers, and upstream & downstream refinery operations.

From inspiration to operation, we emphasize safety, because nothing is more important than the safety of your people.

We understand the technology behind the process. So, in addition to speeding scale-up, we also can validate the economics and commercialization potential of emerging technologies.

Continental Technologies:

  • Thinks through ideas with you to fully understand your application goals and challenges
  • Combines proven and novel technologies, ingenuity and experience to optimize system performance and operability
  • Has first-hand knowledge of working with hardened equipment for operation in extreme environments
  • Values safety and the need to address standards and regulations
  • Supports your staff throughout fabrication and operation

Our core staff previously worked in the R&D departments of big oil companies, designing, building and operating pilot-scale process equipment for 20+ years.

The combination of this technical expertise with hands-on operation experience enables Continental Technologies to approach each project from the user’s perspective – building each unit as though they will be running it themselves. The result is a unit built by operators, for operators that is easy to operate and maintain while providing the data and product essential to optimizing processes.

Safety is a foremost design principle and Continental Technologies’ experience and training allows them to contribute to formal safety review and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Easy start-up and operation, flexible configurability and an ergonomically designed user interface - for both automated and manual controls - are critical to on-time technology development.

We work closely with you to:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Cut capital expenditure
  • Shrink plant profile and footprint
  • Provide environmental advantages
  • Enhance safety analysis
  • Meet budget and schedule demands

No one understands operations better than the engineers and technicians at Continental Technologies.

We are the the only pilot plant fabricator who offers an option to operate pilot plants at its facilities.

Our ability to operate pilot plants, either on-site or at the client's location, enables companies with limited space, staff, or experience to obtain the data essential to process development while saving money on fabrication details such as shipping, reassembly and installation.

You will save approximately 20% by simply choosing us to operate your pilot plant in our Ponca City fabrication facility.

Continental Technologies can help you get the data and product essential to feedstock testing and validation, process optimization, catalyst development and small lot manufacturing.

Our experienced operators will ensure that the unit is operating as expected, under "real world" conditions, while optimizing the process.

We would also gladly host your team of operators as well, providing as much assistance and training as you want.

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