About Muga Silk of Assam

Muga is a magic silk of Assam, gold of Assam, rarest silk in the world, available only in Assam and nowhere else in the world. This queen of silk spells luxury, elegance, sophistication, class, comfort and timelessness. This golden silk of Assam is not produced anywhere in the world. It could be unbelievable but, true that Muga silk worm is as old a habitat as the Dinosaur. It is so sensitive that it cannot survive even with the smallest level of pollution in the atmosphere. It is so much pure and authentic.   Muga Silk of Assam has already been registered as the Geographical Indication (GI) of Assam under Rules of Intellectual Property Rights of Govt. of India. Under this Rules items are being covered namely raw silk yarns and threads for textile use, textile and textile goods including Mekhela sadar, sari, shawls, dress materials, wall hanging, clothing's, garments, foot wares, head gear, made ups, ties, motifs, fashion wears, quilt, furnishing and upholstery.
This naturally brilliant golden yellow coloured silk is prerogative of India and the pride of Assam state. It is obtained from semi-domesticated multivoltine silkworm, Antheraea assamensis. These silkworms feed on the aromatic leaves of Som and Soalu plants and are reared on trees similar to that of tasar. Muga culture is specific to the state of Assam and an integral part of the tradition and culture of that state.
Muga silk is the most expensive amongst all the silk and used primarily for producing sarees, mekhalas, chaddars etc. for the high-end market. Production of muga silk is only about 125 MT against 14000 MT (Approx) of mulberry silk and 2000 MT (Approx) of eri silk. Muga silk is organic, natural, resilient and strongest natural fibre. A luxurious fabric known for its sheer brilliant natural luster is a staple of international trade for this land. Its value and demand in the silk world market is well known.
Naturally rich hand woven golden color which has the quality of appearing like spun gold Texture is glossy, lustrous and sheen is enhanced due to its natural luster. Durability is beyond life time, which is a known fact. As the fabric ages its golden luster increases. Garments made of muga outlasts other fibres. Muga has resilience for any shape. According to preference it can attain either a fine texture by simple dry ironing from a damp state or a crushed crepe look leaving it unironed. Washing the fabric frequently with a mild washing material does not harm the silk. In fact with every wash the quality of muga gets finer and softer. Embroidery of any kind of any thread can be applied on muga Natural golden colour of muga silk fabric and yarn needs no dye to enhance its exquisite beauty. Nevertheless it is dye friendly.
Elasticity / elongation at break is more than 35%; Moisture regain capacity is about 30%, which are better than other silks Experiments conducted on the ultra violet filtering properties of muga silk has proved that muga silk fabric absorbs 85.08% of the harmful ultra violet rays in sunlight. An excellent sunshield protection for the skin.

  •     Fashion accessories such as hats, caps, scarfs, wraps, stoles (etc)
  •     Apparel applications, quilting, garments, bridal wear (etc)
  •     Furnishinings for both modern and traditional interiors
  •     Drapes and decor
  •     Muga silk yarns:
  •     Muga yarns are available under the following heads:
  •     Muga Bhir (Filament): Hand reeled yarn
  •     Muga machine reeled:
  •     Muga spun silk
  •     Muga Ghicha