From Start-Up to Scale-Up

Every day, across 182 countries, over 2 billion people use a Unilever product. This means that we are in an unrivaled position to help your business expand into new markets. So we’ve established Go Global, a program that looks to partner innovative digital companies, ready for international expansion, with seven of our global flagship brands. Are you ready to go global?

How the Program Works

Go Global is looking for seven ground-breaking companies. Each company will be paired with a major Unilever brand. We will contribute money, mentorship, and in-kind services in exchange for a customized digital marketing pilot in the area of content, mobile, or connected devices.


$100,000 will be awarded to each of the seven digital companies selected for the program, to help fund a pilot.

Branded Campaign

Your technology will be incorporated into a brand’s marketing campaign.

Market Insights

We will share market research and consumer insights for the chosen pilot market.


Unilever’s marketing experts will lend participating digital companies their knowledge and experience.

Local Access

The program will connect successful companies with relevant partners in the chosen local market.

Who Should Apply

The Go Global program is for digital marketing companies that are ready for global scale-up. If your company operates in one of the three digital sectors outlined below, or even stretches the definition of them, then we encourage you to apply.


At Unilever, we’re looking for digital technology that can help our brands create, curate, and distribute content that informs and inspires consumers.


We're interested in advanced mobile solutions for our brands to use in developed markets and innovative ways to connect with the billions of people in emerging markets.

Connected Devices

Our brands are keen to partner with companies that are exploring how people can track and leverage their personal data, to improve their experience of life.

Participating Brands

The seven brands that we’ve carefully selected for the Go Global program represent our four product categories: Food, Homecare, Refreshments, and Personal Care, as well as our corporate brand, Unilever.

  • At Unilever we are looking for new ways to help people live more sustainably. Technology can help us to connect people, show them how we grow our food and make our products, and highlight to them how small behaviour changes can help them and their planet.

  • CLEAR is Unilever's leading hair and scalp care brand. With CLEAR you get ‘Zero Dandruff, Zero Flaws’, leaving you with ‘Nothing to Hide’. We’re looking for innovative technology that helps to land and amplify this message.

  • At Surf, we create products that make every laundry moment a little more delightful. We would like to use technology to extend this delight and inspiration, everyday, into the lives of people all over the world.

  • Magnum is one of the world’s leading pleasure brands, selling 1 billion ice-creams annually worldwide. We are looking for innovative ways to inspire and encourage people to seize moments of personal pleasure.

  • At Flora pro.activ we are looking for innovative technology that can work alongside our cholesterol-reducing products and empower us to be the ideal partner for people as they work to change their diet and/or lifestyle.

  • Hellmann’s is the world’s no.1 mayonnaise and is sold in over 50 countries, along with our ketchup and salad dressings. We want to harness technology, and create innovative brand experiences, that inspire and connect with the everyday cooks of the world.

  • At Vaseline we want to harness the power of your technology to connect deeper with people, make skin health matter to them and make it doable for them in engaging and innovative ways.


If you are shortlisted, we will invite you to present to our brands, and panel of judges, at Mobile World Congress 2014, either live at the event or over video conference. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

  • Jan 17 2014


  • Jan 31 2014


  • Feb 26 2014

    Pitch Day
    at MWC

  • Mar 1 2014



As part of the Go Global program we will give you access to some of the finest marketing, media, legal and investment minds that Unilever has to offer.

  • Jay Altschuler

    Jay Altschuler Global Media Innovation Director

  • Jamie Barnard

    Jamie Barnard General Counsel Digital & Privacy

  • Jeremy Basset

    Jeremy Basset Global Marketing & Ventures Director

  • Ian Busch

    Ian Busch Global Brand Director Dressings

  • Luis Di Como

    Luis Di Como SVP Media

  • Andy Donner

    Andy Donner Investment Director Unilever Ventures

  • Alper Eroglu

    Alper Eroglu Senior Brand Manager Ice Cream

  • Bogdana Ghinescu

    Bogdana Ghinescu Digital Director Unilever Brand

  • Jan Harley

    Jan Harley Investment Director Unilever Ventures

  • Keith Higgins

    Keith Higgins SVP Global eCommerce

  • Jo Hyder

    Jo Hyder Director Foods Digital

  • Stefano Giolito

    Stefano Giolito Global Brand Director Surf

  • Paul Katimbang

    Paul Katimbang Global Brand Director Clear

  • Phil Long,

    Phil Long, Global Digital Marketing Services Manager

  • David Lowes

    David Lowes SVP Dressings

  • Aseem Puri

    Aseem Puri Brand Director Fabric Cleaning SEAA

  • Marc Mathieu

    Marc Mathieu SVP Marketing

  • Ricardo Pimenta

    Ricardo Pimenta Global Brand VP Vaseline

  • Aaron Rajan

    Aaron Rajan Global Digital Marketing Service Director

  • Babs Rangaiah

    Babs Rangaiah VP Media

  • Geoff Seeley

    Geoff Seeley Global Media Director

  • Marianne Schoenauer

    Marianne Schoenauer Global Marketing Director

  • Chris Sponiar

    Chris Sponiar Principal Unilever Ventures

  • Kaarthik Subramani

    Kaarthik Subramani VP Heart Health

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