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  War Veterans Death Records, courtesy of Peter Dzik
  Peter Dzik's Historical Notes - a meaningful review of the Eardley name
Eardley spelled "Ardley"
  From the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

Robert Jack Eardley's family tree.

  Email from R. W. Bennett and Kelsall's Pedigrees
  Genealogy Picture Gallery One

15th July, 2000

Audley Historian No. 6  The Eardley Gathering: a Personal View
Parish Church of St. Mary and All Saints in Whitmore, England

Samples of the many wonderful Christmas Cards received.

Newspaper article on the "Y" chromosome, 14 January 2001, The Observer.  

The World-Wide Eardley family pictures.

Copies of actual birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Headstones of Eardley family members

Eardley Marriages:  Men 1837 - 1998  

Eardley Marriages:  Women 1837 - 1998

Eardley Births:  1837-1999

Eardley Deaths:  1837 - 1854   Revised 1837 - 1950

Genealogy Records contributed by Sue Parker

The Irish

Information on Eardley Day events and the Eardley name 
from Margaret Eardley Beaumont.

Historical information regarding the Eardley name.

Early, Earley, Eardly, Eardley in Irish dialect, from Marge Solan.

Eardley Irish background letter by Frank Eardley.








Information on the drive to erect a memorial in Congleton, England for 
WWII hero George Harold Eardley who received the Victoria Cross in 1944.

Initial letter from Roy Eardley, 21 May 2001 detailing plans for the memorial.

Update from Roy Eardley to Robert Jack Eardley, 9 August 2001 

Newpaper article about George Harold Eardley's heroics and the effort for the memorial.
The Sentinel 7 August 2001

Newspaper article on the success of the memorial drive, 9 August 2001

Update from Roy Eardley to the Eardley Family, 1 January 2003     

V.C. Eardleys Memorial: Gallery One    just posted
V.C. Eardleys Memorial: Gallery Two    just posted
 V.C. Eardleys Memorial

Sir George Harold Eardley Statue
Newsletter from Roy Eardley

Debt of Honour Register of Servicemen who died in the World Wars-Eardleys
Eulogy: "An ordinary man's extraordinary life"--Henry Charles Eardley (June 1, 1918 - January 20, 1998)
Some helpful resources for research:

Staffordshire Record Office
London Family Records Centre 
Litchfield Joint Record Office
The Public Records Office (UK National Archive)
The Union Jack Hotel in London
The Victory Services Club in London

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