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Baroness Sarah Hogg

Norman is a wonderful inspiration. He was at his best making brilliant leaps of understanding between seemingly unconnected events. He also had an extraordinary ability to talk intelligently about the future, neither assuming it could be "forecast" nor maintaining it was unknowable. He defined The Economist's style of reducing vague complexity to blunt simplicity.

I worked with Norman on an extraordinary range of issues. Curiously, the one I remember best was actually a spectacular failure. It was one he himself wrote about in The Sunday Times more than 20 years later. In 1970, the analysis of local election results was in its infancy. The Economist however had the services of a superb analyst, Michael Steed. On the basis of his ground-breaking analysis of the spring 1970 local election results, I helped Norman write a leader which resulted in an Economist headline "Wilson by 50". It is said to have been on the basis of this that Harold Wilson called a general election in June 1970 - an election, which, you may recall, he lost against the odds (and the opinion polls) to Edward Heath.

I remember it particularly because when it came to the election itself, I was allowed to write my first leader solo for The Economist. This was because, in those days, The Economist had to prepare three leaders for election night: Labour win, Tory win, and hung parliament. As a very junior member of staff, I was given the Tory win leader to write, as a trial piece, on the confident assumption that it would never see the light of day.

Norman was enormously helpful and supportive. And, of course, at 2am, it replaced the Labour win leader on which The Economist had originally gone to press.

Chris Macrae

Son of Norman, and co-author with his father on The 2024 Report. Chris is a world leading expert in Brand Management and has written two influential books on the subject and was interviewed on Chris is an active participant on the Norman Macrae Message board and kicks off the best discussion topics. Co-founder of the Norman Macrae Archive

Chris is currently involved in founding Chief Brand Officers Association - a communal space for anyone who believes that it's essential for the future of human productivity that Board Rooms of global 5000 companies  understand how corporate BRAND linkages need to be much more than commuications images. We have included a selection of relevant articles on this page.

David Rainey -

David discovered the work of Norman Macrae while studying Engineering at Glasgow University. He is currently working on an International MBA Programme at Waikato University in New Zealand. Co-founder with Chris Macrae of the Norman Macrae Archive.