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 07 Aug/ 2015

list of awards documentCurrent PICS Awards are listed in this excel spreadsheet and will be updated weekly. The award information includes the awarded vendor and TORP number.

Image of a copierThe NIH Public Information and Communication Services contract is an IDIQ  vehicle that may be utilized to procure information and communication services in several task areas and has 25 qualified small business vendors to provide services.
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 06 Aug/ 2015

Picture of calendarTORP Submission Deadline - In order to ensure an award by the end of the fiscal year, TORPs must be submitted to PICS by August 28, 2015 for NIH. Please be mindful that your Contracting Officers may have additional fiscal year end deadlines.
Get Started ButtonClick here to access the TORP package and instructions to begin your order! Currently the task order process is manual and will be handled via paper documentation and email. The electronic Government Ordering System (eGOS) is currently being developed and orders will be placed via the system at that time. Check back for updates!
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 18 Dec/ 2012

Image of a computer centerConferences must be approved as per the the NIH Guidance. The appropriate approval form must be completed and approved before a TORP is submitted to the PICS Program Support Team.
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The following four groups of task areas are covered under this contract. You can click to see tasks under an individual group or a full listing of all services:

Communications and Outreach Support

Materials Development and Distribution Support

Graphic Design, Web, and Database Support

Exhibit Support

**Full Listing of Services**

If you would like a presentation or training regarding the contract, please complete the Training Request Form and email it to to schedule a time for our Program Support Team to come to your location.
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