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Not Only THAT, Krendler, I Was BORN in KENYA! Aug 13, 2015

There’s something charming about being accused of “stolen valor” by someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Grady/Krendler can’t understand the concept of “valor” since he’s a failure in life, stuck in a dead end job he hates because he fears his own wife.

The medals Grady/Krendler accuses me of “not earning” were not individual honors. They were unit honors. Sea Service Deployment (my service as an 8404 Field Medical Technicain NEC as a Hospital Corpsman, then being stationed overseas in a forward deployed unit qualified me for that ribbon).  There is no question that I was assigned to the 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit that earned the Humanitarian Service Medal in 1976 for the evacuation of the American Embassy in Beirut. I never claimed to be “armed.” I had a .45 as a sidearm, but no bullets, no clips. The Marines had M-16’s, unloaded, no clips. And that 5th ribbon was the Meritorious Unit Commendation awarded to the crew of the USS Midway for its service to civilians in the Philippines after a typhoon in 1984.

Ask anyone who knows anything about “personnel” work in the military, not some chicken hawk keyboard commando, but someone to whom the word “service” means how fast he gets his burger at McDonalds. The most common error on DD-214s at separation is the failure to include Unit Awards on the document.

I had the National Defense Medal, A Good Conduct Medal with a bronze star indicating second award, a Humanitarian Service Medal, a Sea Service Deployment ribbon, and a Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon. These are facts. Five military medals, several letters of commendation, and an exciting and educational, enriching couple of tours in the US Navy.

As we used to say among the Marines when I was an 8404, “If you see someone you think is lying about his service, you’d better knock him down and suck his dick.”

I was a 10-point disabled veteran, and thus top of the list for the position for which I was hired at the National Institutes of Health. I served in the Vietnam Era, and I had a service-connected disability that earned me a VA pension that I still receive, each month, to this very day and will for the rest of my life.

Now, the birth certificate. Do you want the hospital form with the footprints, the photocopied version, or the recent version. Joe Arpiao can help you figure out if they’re accurate, or you could check with Donald Trump. Ooooh! I think I have my baptismal certificate, too!

Goodbye, Grady/Krendler. Glad I’m not you.

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