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Scraawl is a social media analytics tool that helps you understand social stats, social presence, relations, influence, sentiment, communities and much more...


All the analytics you'll ever need, at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Basic Statistics

Top users, hashtags, mentions, URLs, named entities and more

Advanced Analytics

Community detection, influential users, sentiment analysis and more

Customizable Workflows

Use case driven analytics and reports


Big Data

Scalable cloud-based data and graph analysis


Timelines, Heat maps, influence network maps, community clustering

Responsive Web Design

Optimal viewing experience on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops

Sample Scraawl Reports

Click on the links to get a Scraawl analysis of recent news events

Use Cases

Unlimited Possibilities

Social Curiosity

Use Scraawl to analyze your user profile, tweet statistics, social presence, friends and followers. Find out what your friends and family are tweeting about. Gather data on social conversations, public sentiment and opinions on major events

Community Analysis

Use Scraawl advanced graph analytics to identify key actors and entities within a network. Identify and track communities, organizations and events of interest. Visualize information flows, influencers, and influence spread

Crisis Management

Set up and monitor keywords related to your business or any other crisis. Watch for sudden changes in tone and sentiment. Respond, both individually and more broadly. Notify the media or your user community for additional outreach

Competitive Analysis

Use Scraawl’s advanced analytics to develop a social media strategy for your brand by assessing what your competitors are doing. Analyze data such as fan to follower ratio, fan engagement rates, and other such statistics