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Sensor Systems

IAI specializes in developing advanced sensor systems for military, transportation and medical applications, transportation. Areas of focus include radar, location and tracking, non-destructive evaluation/structural health monitoring, and electronic systems. Our clients include the Army, Air Force, Navy, DARPA, National Institute of Justice, NASA, and DOT. We design, develop, and customize sensor systems to the meet requirements of our clients by conducting system analysis, identifying the appropriate sensor architectures and sensors based on state-of-the-art components, implementing the sensor system, and demonstrating it in the relevant environment. IAI has extensive experience with a wide range of sensor modalities including electromagnetic, acoustic, optical, and electrical. We are also active in the simulation, test, and evaluation of sensor systems.

Examples of IAI’s sensor system solutions include:

  • Multichannel Digital Beamforming Software Defined Radar (SDR) transceiver to support NASA’s EcoSAR program.
  • Millimeter wave (MMW) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR).
  • Airborne Sense-and-Avoid Radar for piloted aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for NASA and the Air Force.
  • IAI’s Plug-and-Play (PnP) Radar configured as a 4-Channel Active Radar operating in L-Band.
  • Surface acoustic wave based bridge inspection system for DOT.
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Instrument to detect and locate static and intermittent faults for systems with complex wiring and slip-rings.
  • System to detect and locate unauthorized transmitters.
  • Wireless time synchronization system for distributed jammers with sub-nanosecond accuracy for DARPA’s PREW program.
  • Radio Frequency based perimeter security system for intruder detection and situation awareness.
  • Long battery life wireless networked sensor system for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).
  • Miniaturized wireless networked parachute data recorder system for keeping track of long term usage data and dynamic performance data for each jump.
  • Network channel emulator for testing the performance of military and commercial radios in emulated wireless networks, including sensor networks.


Sensing and Communications Laboratory includes a wide range of basic and high accuracy design and analysis tools including a RF Vector Network Analyzer, Synthesized RF CW Generator, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and Multi-channel Digital Oscilloscopes. It has a LabSat, a device that provides record and replay capabilities for GPS L1 signals. It also has a mini anechoic chamber for X-band (or higher) far-field antenna and RCS measurements, Rapid PCB prototyping tools and several high-performance 64 bit workstations configured for CAD simulations. Software tools for configuring Xilinx FPGAs, such as Xilinx ISE/EDK/Vivado, and Modelsim. In addition, the Code Composer Studio is used for DSP programming. Using these tools we have developed an extensive library of VHDL blocks, softcore, and DSP interfaces for signal generation, acquisition, and processing.

Signal Processing Laboratory has a wide range of basic signal processing equipment including high speed signal generators, and data acquisition systems to support projects related to signal/image processing, health monitoring and controls applications. It also has an ultrasonic microscope for non-destructive inspection of materials and microphone arrays and associated electronics for audio processing. The lab hosts a suite of software including Matlab, Labview and in-house software tools such as IAI’s Correlation Analysis Technique (CAT) for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of materials and structures, and a 3D visualization platform for missile target discrimination. High speed signal generators and data acquisition systems are utilized for development of NDE systems. The lab has a Guided Wave Damage Detection System, Nonlinear Wave Modulation Spectroscopy System for Fatigue Crack Detection, and an In-situ Guided Wave Sensor System for Spinning Disk Inspection.

Transportation Lab is equipped with a NEMA-TS2 traffic controller (hardware), ASC3 traffic controller software, traffic simulation software VISSIM, wireless communication module, and plasma TV for big screen display. The full integration of traffic signal controller, control software, warning LEDs, and wireless modules is a testimony to IAI’s strong capability in system and product development.

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Argus™ is a radio frequency based wireless fence for asset protection and intruder detection, with a unique carry-on design and low power consumption. Argus™ also offers intrusion detection, localization and tracking capability for protection of high-valued assets like aircraft. (More)

BridgeMonitor™ system: IAI's prototype multi-channel and wireless multi-sensor system monitors the structural health of steel structures in bridges. This system provides data during bridge inspection and also gives warnings of structural damages to bridge inspectors. (more)

RF-Nest™ is a network emulation and simulation tool to evaluate networks of real wireless devices in controllable channel conditions with real effects including interference, multipath and delay. (More)

Parachute Data Recorder (PDR) is a portable, network ready, sensor rich, data recording and management system for parachuting applications, with small form factor and low power design, allowing easy integration into existing parachute systems.(more)

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