BushidoHi my name is Bushido, but you can call me Bushi like so many people do. I was born 3 years ago in Beijing China. Waaaaiiiittt, does it make me a Chinese Bulldog?? Well I don’t really know, all I know is that I am a French Bulldog. Just look alone at my Bat ears and my Frog legs…

Nowadays I’m living in Germany with my Grandparents, my Daddy and Mummy are coming back soon to take me. Meanwhile, I’m enjoining my time, and I can tell you I’m living like ”God in France”. My Grandparents really love me and spoil me.

My most favorite hobby besides singing and chasing after bikes is Swimming. I think I’m the ”Michael Phelps” of French Bulldogs, I just love to swim.

This website is created for you, if you are a French Bulldog or you are just insanely in love with us.

Here we are going to share funny pictures, videos and much more. Plus you will learn how to groom us, how to get us, how to potty train us, which health problems we might have, and how to train us etc… I guess you got the idea.

My motto is Let’s French it up… Enjoy your life and your dog years and of course ”Share the content on social media”

Let’s see if you understand what I mean with…

Let's French it up...

So are you following us already? If yes than you know excatly what ”Let’s French it up” means.

10 Facts you should know about me

1. Yes I’m stubborn

2. When I was just 16 weeks old, I eat the Dog training book of my Daddy

3. I learned swimming in Beijing with my best friend who is a Labrador

4. I’m a very good plumber, You don’t believe me than check out this video here

5. The first time I smelled my Human daddy I direcly run to his hands, and he bought me…Hehe what a great trick it was.

6. I am very social, and a gentleman to all my girlfriends

7. In China French Bulldogs are seing as an agressive Breed, but actually we are just clowns.

8. I’m very picky with my food, but if you give me peanut butter I could eat as well some vegetables

9. I hate wearing any kind of clothes

10. I have another good friend who is a Chihuahua

Picture Time…

Bushido Collage