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e-passport solutions

e-Passport SolutionsSOMA™ Chip Operating System

e-passport solutions

Fast and secure

Arjo Systems has been pioneer in the e-Passport applications beginning with field trials in 2003 and rolling out passport issuance system in multiple countries since then.

Our OS is at the highest level of international standards:

  • All latest certifications:
    Security with Common Criteria & ICAO Compliance with BSI TR03105
  • Available on multiple and latest generation chips from top quality silicon manufacturers (Infineon, NXP and STMicroelectronics)
  • Among the fastest on the market:
    Nominal reading time is BAC & AA 1 sec. / EAC 2.5 sec.
    and nominal personalization time is BAC & AA 1.5 sec. / EAC 3.5 sec.
    These values are proven by laboratory measures
  • Field proven by above 20M e-Passports issued with its technology

Our extra advantage is our superior flexibility. This flexibility is in term of technical set-up with our capacity to enter into specific development. This flexibility is also in term of business model: transfer of ownership of country layer application while secure core platform remains highly protected, possibility for the country to develop its own national applications on this secure core platform.

We have also developed Perso-Lock™, a unique feature consisting of OS components interfaced via secure middleware which permits the decentralized issuance of passports while maintaining the highest level of security, confidentiality and data integrity.

Compliance to standards: ISO 14443, ISO 7816, ICAO 9303