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Unique stacked tunnel under Maastricht

Improve traffic flow through Maastricht causing as little inconvenience as possible. This, in a nutshell is one of the largest projects of Imtech Traffic & Infra: the stacked tunnel for the N2 and A2 in Maastricht. The tunnel will be named the 'Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel', one of the first objects in the Netherlands named after the new Dutch king.

The more than 200-kilometre Dutch motorway from Amsterdam to Maastricht still has one big bottleneck, because the motorway actually runs as an ordinary road straight through the city of Maastricht. This bottleneck is currently being transformed into a green zone at a fast pace: motorway underground, public greenery and sustainable buildings on top. The main contract for the works has been awarded in 2009 to Avenue2, a partnership between Strukton and Ballast Nedam.

Long history
The 2.3 kilometre-long tunnel is the first Dutch double-decker tunnel with four tunnel tubes; stacked two above and two below, each with two lanes. Imtech Traffic & Infra is responsible for the tunnel technical installations and traffic technical systems - as well as the entire control, operation and security. The project has a long history, Imtech has been involved from 2008 and the final contract was awarded in December 2012 to the M&E Combination Avenue2 general partnership, as the cooperation between Imtech Traffic & Infra, Strukton Worksphere and Ballast Nedam IPM is officially known.

First for the Netherlands
The N2 will run through the upper tunnel tubes and is intended for local traffic; the A2 for through traffic will run through the lower tunnel. The tunnel will largely meet the new National Tunnel Standard, which came into force during the project. This national standard was developed to bring an end to all the discussions about what makes a safe tunnel. The consequence was that many design adaptations had to be made as the work went along.

Brimming with technology
Imtech Traffic & Infra is also providing all the required temporary traffic systems for the existing N2’s phased repositioning, which is required for the roadworks. It’s even the case that the traffic flows better now than at the start of the works.
Although the unsuspecting car driver won’t be aware of it, the tunnels are full of technology. There will be two service buildings at the top of the tunnel. The middle tubes contain safe areas and escape routes and the upper part is used for technical systems and services.
The tunnel opening is planned for 16 December 2016.

What are we going to do?
• Adaptations to 10 kilometres of the existing road network including constructions
• Medium and low voltage installations
• Lighting installations
• Pump and ventilation systems
• Traffic systems
• Fire safety systems
• Communications systems
• Building-related systems
• Control, data, communication and transport systems
• Various other systems