Remember Jarody?

WARNING: This is icky.

Do you remember Jarody? His AMG username was Jarody. His real name was also Jarody. He has just one name, like Madonna or Cher. Or Ziggy. Here is what he looks like.

He was banned from AMG, which is too bad because he was absolutely entertaining. For instance, he thought it was really tyrannical when the police dared investigate him because he was carrying a gun openly into a Hannaford. There used to be a Youtube video of Jarody crying about the whole situation. I don’t know why he took it down. For anyone else I’d guess they were ashamed, but with Jarody, that can’t be the case because if he felt any shame regarding the repeated series of embarrassments that is his life he probably wouldn’t continue posting videos or running for offices.

Yea, this joker has tried running for office. He was going to be a Republican legislative candidate but the party realized he was probably not the best public face of the party and talked him out of it. There is a line, even in the Republican party. Where is this line?

It is somewhere between being just plain nuts and actually writing down rape fantasies. Yes, Jarody wrote stories about rape.  There is one about raping a sister. There is another about raping a dead body. Why so much rape? I don’t know. Maybe Bud Light t-shirts don’t get as much consensual relations as one would expect. On the other hand, his myspace page suggests that he is able to get a little bit of action. From his “friend” comments:

Ick Ick Ick. Eww. Anesa, whoever you are, you can do better. I’m serious. Even on myspace you ought to be able to find a few thousand guys better than this one. You are really plumbing the lowest .00001% with this guy. Just click on a random dude, he is probably 10x better. Try it.

If you think I’m being too mean please understand that Jarody also has expressed some interesting thoughts on the sexual abuse of children. Are you listening, Anesa? He talks about this subject on a website called “lifeofdebauchery.com.” Here he is responding to someone accusing him of, well, supporting the sexual abuse of children:

The child only thinks of themselves as victims because thats what they are taught to think.


And a “pedo” will only ruin your life if you let the actions commited bother you.

Your view of right and wrong is so far away from the light of truth,that is has caused you to deny the fact that you are in the dark

And then there is this little nugget:

The Less Crazy Person: But that doesn’t for a moment mean I wouldn’t want to flay alive anybody who so much as laid a hand on my child with ill intent. Nor that I think paedophiles should be anywhere but on the wrong side of the law and removed from normal society.

Jarody: So you’d murder someone for educating you child in the ways of love?

Ick! Anesa, for the love of all that is sacred: use protection. Please please please.

This is so distasteful you might be wondering why am I even bringing this up. I have two answers.

One, Jarody e-mailed me. He wrote:

As one of many people who have had their posting privileges disabled on AMG I was wondering if you could do a story or have a section on those who are too conservative for AMG.


My answer: No, Jarody, I won’t do a story or section on people who are too conservative for AMG. They don’t exist. You were banned from AMG because you exhibited signs of mental illness. I am serious. Get help.

Secondly, Jarody ran for city council in Augusta in 2009 and somehow received over 1600 votes. He still lost by a huge margin, but I don’t think 1600 people would vote for him if they knew what he is really about. So I’m going to say it: Don’t vote for Jarody next time. I don’t care how cool having only one name is, just don’t do it. Thanks.

For the record, Jarody said he didn’t “mean a word” of all that stuff he wrote online. If that’s the case, then he is simply the worst politician ever.


NOTE:  Thanks to the search function at MainePolitics.net for helping me connect the dots.

12 comments to “Remember Jarody?”

  1. maineman says:

    Big fan of the site……..I’ve been reading AMG for a while and I know the cast of characters. I didn’t even realize that “jarody” got the boot………I must have missed that. The funny part is, I kinda miss him being there :( I knew he was a little whacked but to see the postings and musings that he put out there is, well, disturbing.

  2. amglolz says:

    Thank you for your readership. I too miss Jarody.

  3. jimvisanidiot says:

    There are plenty of others on AMG who exhibit signs of mental illness and derangement. Apollo and Tom C come immediately to mind, and it is quite clear the creep who refers to himself as “The Distributist” is fairly unhinged as well.

  4. Robert Emmet says:

    It gets better. Jarody is on the Republican Primary Ballot for House District 57. The Capital Weekly has a profile on him: http://capital.villagesoup.com/news/story/jarody-wants-to-pull-laws-from-books/324353

  5. akisha says:

    wow seriously you need to know him before you make any judments. You don’t know him i do so there is a difference. he does not have any mental illness. get your facts straight first before writing anything else you ass hole.

  6. jimvisanidiot says:

    Akisha, one can get a sense about Jarody by his youtube videos and by his forum postings. He is truly a disturbed young man. You might want to tighten of few of your own screws if you can’t see that.

  7. amglolz says:

    I second Jim’s take on the situation. Anyone who writes publicly about raping children and then runs for office is nuts.

    You and Anesa can fight for him.

  8. fucking skinner scum bag

  9. maineman says:

    Apparently Jarody was quite an athlete in school, according to his latest rant in the KJ, he was idolized for his on field prowess….

  10. Average Joe says:

    That LTE is absolutely PRICELESS!! Yeah, I can see all the cute cheerleaders just wetting their undies over the god-like hulk that is JARODY. MmmHmm.

    I remember Jerry Seinfeld chastising fans yelling “We won!!” by telling them, “No, THEY won; you WATCHED!” Somehow, it was funny the way Jerry put it. Not so much for Jarody.

    What a tool.

    Thanks maineman for sharing that. Made my day.

  11. amglolz says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. It seems the KJ runs something Jarody about once every year or so. They know good humor when they see it :)

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