中国书画艺术家协会  Chinese painting

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油画Oil painting
国粹The quintessence of Chinese culture
山水画Water painting
人物Figure painting
花鸟画Flower and bird painting
写意花卉Freehand flowers
彩色宣纸画Color paper painting
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Chinese painting and calligraphy artists ( http: / / www.zgshysj.com ) is the Chinese calligraphy and painting art development research institute director, Chinese painting and Calligraphy Artists Association official website, from home and abroad, painting and calligraphy, painting and calligraphy art theorist research groups and major arts institutions and painting industry organization composed of voluntary international organization. Is to carry out theoretical research at home and abroad, calligraphy and painting at home and abroad to promote the art of calligraphy and painting development and formed a voluntary international, non-profit social organizations.

The station 's purpose is to: Law, policy and ethics within the scope of the provisions, painting and calligraphy art workers unity at home and abroad, to create a good service platform, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese arts and culture, promoting China's painting and calligraphy art and calligraphy and painting business, industry development.

The station for Chinese calligraphy and Painting Art Development Research Institute and Chinese painting and Calligraphy Artists Association fellows, members and the governing unit to provide full services;

( a ) the organization, development and theoretical research and academic exchanges;

( two ) organization, organized large-scale calligraphy and painting exhibition, competition and pen;

( three) to carry out painting teaching and training, develop training plan, carries on the personnel training and recommend;

( four) to carry out the national painting and calligraphy art creation review, identification, rating;

( five ) editor, publishing textbooks, newspapers, painting and calligraphy works;

( six) the organization of electronic audio-visual products, painting and calligraphy art of calligraphy and painting and calligraphy art network of public production development;

( seven) representing the national painting and calligraphy art and external liaison office exhibition match, foreign exchange, friendship and cooperation;

(eight ) the organization, carry out our business to other areas within the activities.

At the same time, welcome to the provinces, city to establish sub-station, specific station to join please obtain a letter,

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