Jeff Mach


I am a gremlin, pouring weirdness into the water supply. I do the Wicked Faire, the Steampunk World's Fair, and other hopefully-neat things.

Hackensack, New Jersey
Joined March 2007

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  1. Con drop doesn't come for me...because it knows I'll find where it lives and beat it to death with a clipboard.

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    Gorgeous flowering broccoli from silver wood organic farm in sherborn @ Zebra's Bistro

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    The covered this past year's Steampunk World's Fair! This is fairly awesome - have a look!

  4. My feeling is, if they'd wanted long, happy lives, they wouldn't have f*cked with me in the first place.

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    The Steampunk World's Fair is the world's largest Steampunk event, and one of the friendliest. Follow them

  6. When I was young, I dearly wanted to win a Hugo award. For 20 years, I've been sad that I haven't. Finally, I'm glad - I wouldn't want one.

  7. Sleep? I don't think I follow. What is this "sleep" thing?

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    Today is the anniversary of my set on . Still excited I got to say "race is a a social construct" on TV:

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    $22 iPocket Wireless Cloud Drive + new Android phone plug for plug in flash drive only on Kickstarter until April 9th

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    You're so metal. Not stressed. Metal.

  11. :: bangs head ::

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    going on now @ PennSteam Fb until May 18. Celebrity judges include !

  13. So sleepy. So...very...sleeeepy.

  14. I really need to tweet here more often.

  15. Overflow suites for Wicked Faire? Why, yes! TWO separate bedrooms, EACH with private bathroom, PLUS a playroom!

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    • @Deadfishies

      Queer hipster trash. Musician, artist, book/comic nerd. I hate everyone.

    • @Amorous_Revolt

      Kinky Queer Camping 2015

  17. I have a lot of bloody-minded persistence and a slow learning curve. Time to go batter down some walls with my skull.

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    There is a full band NYC show in the works for Valentines day. Just thought you New Yorkers should know. ; )

  19. Stop me? You can't even slow me down.

  20. For my New York friends: You could be come a notary - guaranteed, in fact. , or

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