Kenneth Cole Advertising Archive Preview

B-Reel teamed up with Kenneth Cole Productions to create an interactive preview experience to tease their upcoming advertising archive.

Kenneth Cole’s socially and politically charged advertising has a long history of making bold statements. In fall 2013 Kenneth Cole will be celebrating their 30 year history of using their brand to promote a variety of social causes with a comprehensive digital archive. To kick this off we worked with Kenneth Cole Productions to create a “preview” site to build anticipation for the upcoming archive. The site needed to include an interactive film which told some of the stories behind the ads but could also be used as a standalone element, and the site content needed to be updateable over the several months between Preview Launch and Full Launch to allow us to maintain interest in the concept.

We were challenged to create a galvanizing video experience to build excitement, and we took this a step further through an interactive interface encouraging users to read stories behind a selection of historic Kenneth Cole ad campaigns. 
The video transitions into series of ads displaying in rapid succession over a gritty New York wall. Users are encouraged to click on an ad to read the full story behind the campaign and navigate additional ads organized by the issues they respond to.

To keep visitors engaged and reveal we worked with Kenneth Cole Productions to create additional video pieces that will roll out over the following weeks. Each piece of content reveals more of Kenneth Cole's inspiring and lesser known history.
Kenneth Cole is known for his smart and memorable messages relating to a spectrum of social issues. We created a system where visitors can share quotes that address the issues they care about. With a single click, users can share to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest.
The experience launches with a video cutting together footage from the past 30 years over a voiceover from Kenneth Cole  explaining the upcoming archive. 

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