Important: This is the “Tipping Point” Your Broker or CPA Will Never Tell You…

Harbor Institute Managing Director Mary Stone


Date: Monday, May 29th 2015

From: Mary Stone, Managing Director, Harbor Institute™


Hi friend,

You know that little voice in your head – the one that nags at you trying to get you to listen?

Right now it’s telling you that your retirement plan has a leak.

Don’t act surprised. You knew it all along…

And that leak – is getting ready to sink your ship.

It’s a fear that you have been avoiding – and it’s not going away.

Whether you started saving for your retirement last year or 20 years ago, if you are not aware of what is going on with your hard-earned money – you need to be afraid, very afraid.

You get your monthly financial statements; you look at the bottom line to determine how much you contributed, how much you earned and the percentage of increase or decrease. Then you decide if it’s painting a bleak picture or if you’re feeling ‘ok’ about the dollar amount in bold.

You then make a mental note to check in with your advisor and you put the statement in your desk drawer.

The good news?

From this day forward you don’t have to settle for ‘ok’.

You deserve fantastic. You don’t want good – you want great. You want a financial future that you can look forward to – not one that makes you cringe.

You were taught – like I was – that when you want to invest your money into something, you call a financial advisor and ask him, “Where do I put my money?”

And of course, he tells you, “put it in the stock market.”

But… if you talk to a real-estate agent, they’ll tell you to “buy real-estate.”

So which one is right?

Here’s an idea:

It’s YOUR money.

You worked hard for it.

You worked long hours, late nights and weekends to put YOUR money in a safe secure place that you believed would be waiting for you when you retired.

But if your money is controlled by others – you have NO control over your investments.

Ask yourself this – if you wanted to take your money out and buy property or do any unconventional investing, can you?

Maybe invest in your brother’s pizza business opening on the corner? Or your local sports team who needs new equipment and field maintenance?


Your freedom only goes as far as what they say you can do.

In truth, you have no control over your investments.

You have no say in where your money goes, or what happens to it.

But it must be ok, because you are securely invested, right?

Secure in what exactly?…

Your broker doesn’t know what he’s doing.

If he DID know what the market was going to do, there wouldn’t be any ups or downs — it would all just be automatic. There would never be a minus sign next to the percentage at the bottom of your financial statement.

But as we both know… that isn’t the case.

Did you ever stop to think about why it says “past performance is no guarantee of future earnings” in your advisor’s disclaimer?

It’s because a formula that can cause a meteoric rise in tech stocks last year could produce absolutely abysmal result in oil or real estate this year. So, maybe they do know what they are doing, but they will never tell you that the results are completely out of their hands.

It’s almost like gambling in Vegas, except with worse odds.

Open your eyes and look at the signs.

  • The economy isn’t doing too well…
  • Consumer confidence is at an all-time low…
  • The GDP is only going up 1-2%…
  • Employment is going up only 1% instead of the industry average of 3-6%…

The stock market could literally crash again at any minute… it’s happened before.

In fact – there’s a cycle. Look at the signs.

In 2000, the dot come bubble burst – The Nasdaq lost 78% of its value dropping from 5046.86 to 1114.11.

Then on September 11th 2001, when the World Trade Towers were hit.

The market went from 1,2000 to 9,200 and people lost 40-50% of their retirement account right there on the spot, in a single day.

Then again in 2008, another correction took place. – Economic Housing crash and credit demise.  I’m sure you remember the moment when you went from home equity to underwater in less than a month.

If you need more proof you can look further back to Black Monday Stock Market crash in 1997. The Ponzi schemes and corruption of financial institutions seem to always rear their ugly heads. You will find experts telling you that in the next 6 months to a year we are looking at another burst. But this one will make the others look like a game.

But I’m not here to talk doom and gloom.

I’m here to share the truth you already know and encourage you to open your eyes...

You really don’t want anyone else to have control over your money, do you?

Do you honestly want to continue paying some brokerage a commission to put your money in somebody else’s hands, when you can easily learn exactly how and where to invest it yourself – while paying almost NO taxes legally?

Keep in mind this isn’t just a “legal loophole.” It was set up by the IRS themselves in 1948 to benefit the “super rich” and has been doing so for the last 50 years!

Here’s what else you need to know:

Through the Affordable Care Act, there are taxes being implemented in 2015 and if you have a brokerage account, those taxes get passed onto you.

But with this secret program created by the IRS, that doesn’t happen.

You control your money. You have no taxes or fees because the fiduciary duty of care is to yourself. You become tax-exempt.

Then the real question becomes…

“Why wouldn’t you want to control your own money?”        

If you had $100,000 to invest and you KNEW what to do with it (you’ll learn everything you need to know in just a few minutes), wouldn’t you feel more comfortable making your own choices and placing the bets yourself, or would you rather give it to a total stranger and pray he doesn’t take you to the cleaners?

Clearly, your best course of action is to move your money into a Self-Directed plan… then move that account into your own fund without a taxable event.

That means, you now have total control over your money.

Doesn’t that sound like a better option?  Your money; Your decisions; Your control.

Why continue to put your money in the hands of others who aren’t sharing this information with you, which could literally save you thousands of dollars a year?

At Harbor Institute™ we’ve put together the training and education you’ll need to discover how to set up a self-directed account where you control your money and know where to invest to watch it grow, while remaining safe, secure and completely tax-free.

We call it the K-Factor.

In reality it’s a financial step by step training teaching you how to structure your life for maximum financial protection.

Harbor Institute™ isn’t just me.

We have a base of experts who encompass legal, tax, financial and business consulting professionals.  These highly knowledgeable and experience people have authored, coached, trained and presented for groups such as The Trump OrganizationThe Robert Allen InstituteRobert Kiyosaki; Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Dan Kennedy,Nelson NashBob DoyleTony RobbinsT-Harv Eker, more than 50 Fortune 500 Companies and numerous business conglomerates and colleges across the United States.

Unlike a brokerage, we don’t get commissions on where you invest.

Our sole mission is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to make sure:
* you’re getting the best returns on your investments,
* you’re paying almost no taxes,
*and your assets are completely protected –

This are the same secrets the super-rich multi-millionaires and billionaires are using right now to become even richer.

In less than a minute, I’m going to give you private access to the world’s greatest membership community of thinkers and advisors on how to build your wealth, save on your taxes and protect your assets.

The best part – the education is ongoing – it’s continually growing and changing as we add more courses, lessons, think-tanks and strategy sessions.

To get you started:

Inside our Members Area you’ll receive FREE Instant Access to our flagship course, the Financial K-Factor VIP Training (a $497 value):

The Financial K-Factor VIP Training takes contains an ever-growing course collection on:

  • Asset Protection:Discover step-by-step how to prevent loss of your retirement to personal lawsuits, your employer and the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Tax Reduction:Learn how to reduce your tax liability 15-50% by avoiding taxable events that tax your withdrawals and investment capital gains.
  • Wealth Creation:shows you how to increase your returns without taking on more risk by reducing investment fees. Plus, the full menu of investment options not currently available if you have a traditional employer-based 401(k) or IRA retirement.
  • Money Mindset:shows you how to make financial decisions based on your risk tolerance and personal circumstances. This means you’ll be confident that you’re in control of your money.

The knowledge is only half the battle.  You will also learn how to:

  • Reduce your tax liability 15-50% with the IRS’ blessing
  • Obtain up to $50,000 in business credit regardless of your FICO score
  • Move properties legitimately off your personal credit and onto your business credit
  • Deal with the new rules and regulations affecting small business owners
  • Properly structure your business to protect your patents and ideas
  • Attract investors and venture capitalists to create the perfect partnerships
  • Utilize “crowdfunding” to gain capital for your new idea, concept or business
  • Properly hold title to your assets and protect your investments
  • Obtain a bank account in the USA without having to travel here, or live here

Do you know why business owners should NOT take the home business deduction?

Do you know why IRS audits are UP for Investors?

Do you know how you can stay in compliance and avoid audits by knowing some simple “Audit Triggers”?

With the Financial K-Factor you will!

Every month you enjoy your membership to Harbor Institute™, you’ll unlock new content and podcasts with our top CPA experts. You can also attend our monthly webinars where you will learn new financial & tax information as a group in a virtual classroom learning environment keeping you apprised on the changes needed to keep your business and your future secure.

Your membership to the Harbor Institute also gives you access to 12 monthly issues of The Lighthouse e-newsletter.  This newsletter is packed with information about the latest IRS tax code changes, and how they affect you, in plain English instead of confusing legal jargon.

Did you know there are over 7,000,000 words in the tax code and hundreds of changes to that code this year alone?

Our Personal Rolodex

You also have access to our personal rolodex. Once you have knowledge of this private vault of secret financial & tax information, you’ll need to know where to get it done. Inside your membership, you’ll find all the resources and tools that we’re currently using and personally recommend at Harbor Institute™.

At the Harbor Institute, we know that one of the greatest reasons individuals don’t reach their retirement goals is because of indecision.

With so much uncertainty in the market, how do you know if you’re making the right decision?

That’s a valid question. One that deserves to be treated with respect. After all, trust MUST be earned.

Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For that reason, your Harbor Institute membership comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide not to continue your charter membership, we will refund your money. No questions, no trying to convince you to stay, no hassles whatsoever.

All you have to do is send an email to our billing team. Simply request your refund, and it will be processed within 2 business days.  Unlike some investments, this membership is truly 100% risk-free.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You would think having access to this type of topnotch, upscale learning would cost you hundreds of dollars a month. But at Harbor Institute™ our mission is to make this training not only accessible but affordable.

Our basic membership is only $99 per year. That’s only 27 cents a day, for a steady flow of inside information to help you make the retirement decisions that are right for YOU. That’s a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for the same financial advisory services used by the ultra-wealthy.

Here are what some other members are saying:

I appreciate the importance emphasizes on the structure of our businesses!! I will definitely be looking into mine!!
Chad B.
What a life-saver for us! As a family of four trying to plan our future and not making ends meet, we were at a very low point. They gave us hope. They took the time to answer any and all of our questions. They spent time with us on the phone and explained everything to us fully as well as provided us with additional contacts that we could connect with to feel more secure about our decision. They took us through the whole process and updated us consistently so that we knew they were always looking out for us. We are truly grateful for their services and we would recommend them in the future.
P. Mosely
The number one thing I can say about this group is that they have integrity. There were some strategies that other asset protection planners presented to me which brought up codes in the IRC that I wanted to take advantage of. The rules were there to use but after talking to Nick he said he would figure something out even better where we did not have to work in the "grey" area as he put it plainly. He asked for me to give him some time and he took about a week and came back to me with a plan. He had a flow chart, Internal Revenue Codes that backed up what his plan was for the business and quite simply it was a whole lot easier to implement. With the money I saved I put away towards building my practice and even expanding it. This group of people has always been responsive to my needs, available when I need them, and never afraid if they do not have the answers to go about finding out the information I need to make an educated decision and get back to me with them. I am grateful they are a part of my team. I recommend them to anyone I can. Continued thanks...
Ari B.
I am so thankful for the personal time that they spent on setting me up in business and helping me to change and grow as my business prospers. My CPA couldn’t even touch the knowledge of this panel of experts. All my stuff was tailored to meet my individual needs. From the initial consultation we built a strategy and a step by step outline for what I needed both for my business life and my personal life. This was ALL new to me and a bit scary but with their guidance and help they gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed so I could work inside my own business and “create wealth as I protect it at the very same time”. They were patient with me as I asked a lot of questions. They made themselves available and always have gotten back to me with a rapid response or call back. As far as I am concerned there are structure companies out there and then there is Harbor Institute. They stand head and shoulders above their competition. I recommend them to any company, new or old to sit down with one of their professionals. They will open your eyes to possibilities.
Shannon B.
WOW, Thank you!! I am very grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge. Need to get LLC and self directed set up ASAP, looking forward to your guidance.
Lori K.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the same knowledge available to the ultra-wealthy and take advantage of what that information brings with it.

At Harbor Institute we are giving you the opportunity to gain that knowledge and have those same advantages with this small investment. Heck, it’s probably less than the brokerage fees you pay (and are basically flushing down the drain).

Let me ask you this question…

Why would you pay taxes on your retirement income that you didn’t have to?

Why would you pay for someone to manage your retirement funds for small returns when you could manage your own retirement with less liability and higher returns?

Learn the most advanced Asset Protection and Liability Protection strategies in the world.

Walk away from the financial money sucking machine and take control of your retirement today.

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