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Flavors brings together all your social content into a single, unified website, for free!


What do you get with Flavors?

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A beautiful, free website for all your social content, photos,
videos, and more. All 100% ad free!

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Your content, in one place

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more! Flavors brings them all into a single website.

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Your own URL

With a premium account, you can use your own domain. If you don't have one, Flavors can help!

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Design made easy

Use our layouts with your images, audio & video to create stunning websites, without writing a line of code.

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Works on mobile

Our mobile layouts will make your site look great on smartphones & tablets with no additional effort.

“A dead simple way to pull your online presence into one place.”
“Combine social network profiles for a unified online presence.”
“A simple and elegant personal portal.”
“A dead simple way to pull your online presence into one place.”
“10 code-free minutes to a sexier web presence.”
“The simpler, more beautiful aggregator.”
“If Condé Nast built FriendFeed.”