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Best MongoDB Courses Online: Tapping the Big Demand for Big Data Skills

POSTED 07/03/2014
By Joseph Mapue

In the foreseeable future, the demand for big data professionals will remain — well, BIG. That’s because in the U.S. alone, the discrepancy between business demand and the available pool of professionals with the right big data skills is tremendous, estimated at 140,000 to 190,000 practitioners over the next few years.1  Worldwide, the shortfall is even more massive, with enough room for 4.4 million big data professionals in the IT sector alone. That’s a wide ocean of opportunity for people who are skilled at analyzing and manipulating data using tools such as MongoDB. If you enjoy making sense of huge amounts of data for scientific, financial, business, health, or other purposes, then the following introductory courses on MongoDB will set your career to shine in the big data industry.

Provider & Course Name Format Cost

MongoDB University

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

video with certification

Free for May 5, 2014 schedule

Tuts+ Premium

Learning MongoDB

video (3 hrs. and 19 mins.)

$19 per month
or $180 per year


Wrangling with MongoDB: Data Manipulation and Retrieval


6-part video lecture with case study at conclusion

free for specific

courseware (module)

($200 per month

for full 2-month course)

Infinite Skills

Learning MongoDB Training Video

72 tutorial videos

(7.5 hours)

$99.95 DVD or downloadable version

$25 monthly subscription


Introduction to MongoDB

video (2 hrs. and 27 mins.)

10-day free trial
$29 monthly subscription

MongoDB University

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

Dwight Merriman MongoDB

Learn directly from Dwight Merriman, one of the original creators of MongoDB.

This course — designed and delivered by the very company that developed MongoDB — will teach you how to install and administer MongoDB, the open source NoSQL database that is being used by many of the world’s largest organizations. The course will teach you how to use the JSON format as well as Mongo’s query methods. You’ll learn how to import and export data into Mongo and how to scale a Mongo database using indexing, sharding, monitoring, and performance tuning. You’ll also learn how to create backups and recover data.

You’ll be glad to know that this course’s instructor is none other than Dwight Merriman, one of the original authors of MongoDB, who is also a veteran entrepreneur, co-founder, and investor of

You don’t need prior experience with MongoDB to take this course. However, you need to have basic administration skills. Knowledge of JavaScript and relational databases would be great but not required. You can take this video-based course for free on May 5, 2014. Note that there’s also a certification process(!) so committing to learn MongoDB by attending all the sessions is critical.

Tuts+ Premium

Learning MongoDB

MongoDB Installation

You start the lesson by installing MongoDB on your Mac or PC .

Tuts+ Premium developed this five-part course in response to the growing popularity of NoSQL databases, of which MongoDB is the most popular. But whether you are adept at SQL or not, learning MongoDB will surely expand and elevate your big data prowess and set you apart in the job marketplace. In this course, you’ll learn about MongoDB from start to finish: beginning with its installation on a Mac or a PC, through tool familiarization, database creation, and through querying and other database processes. During the learning session, you’ll also learn how to use different MongoDB operators, as well as different methods such as sorting, paging, and indexing. Further on, you’ll learn how to integrate PHP with MongoDB and recognize the key differences between SQL and NoSQL databases.

You need to shell out a $19 monthly fee to take this course. A second option is to opt in for an annual membership of $180, which saves you $48 for the year. By signing up, you get quite a lot in the bargain: 856 hours worth of courses, professional guides, recommended learning pathways to help you build skills, 121 top-selling books, and fresh learning content every week. Tuts+ also maintains several members-only forums where you can connect with learners and instructors to further hone or share your skills. (Read our full review of Tuts+ Premium)


Data Wrangling with MongoDB: Data Manipulation and Retrieval

Data Wrangling Udacity

You’ll learn how to extract data from various sources such as MS Excel documents.

If you want to build or spruce up your big data skills, this course from Udacity will teach you the techniques of wrangling data from different sources and in different formats. You’ll learn how to evaluate the quality of the data you have extracted and apply best practices to clean it up when necessary. The course will then show you how to manipulate the data into something that can be understood by data-crunching applications. In the process, you’ll develop a full range of MongoDB skills — from data storage through querying and analysis. You don’t need prior database experience to take this course but you do need to have some experience in Python as well as the skill to perform basic system ad on Windows or Unix.

MongoDB Inc’s Director of Eduation, Shannon Bradshaw, and Udacity’s Gundega Dekena will teach this intermediate course. Shannon has trained professionals at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, and has built trading and analytics systems for the financial sector.

Regarding costs, the courseware itself is free and you’ll have access to course videos and exercises. However, if you want in-class projects, project feedback and code reviews, personal guidance from a qualified coach, and verified certificates, you’ll need to shell out $200 per month for approximately two months of intensive and guided learning. (Read our review of Udacity)

Infinite Skills

Learning MongoDB Training Video

MongoDB Shell

Without even installing MongoDB, you can get a feel of its syntax by accessing with your browser.

This course is made up of 72 tutorial videos running approximately 7.5 hours. Its approach is to teach practical MongoDB skills that you can apply to address real-world challenges. You’ll start by learning how to install and set up MongoDB on either a PC or a Mac. You’ll then learn how to use MongoDB’s JavaScript shell, perform queries, and apply data modeling techniques. By the time you complete the course, Infinite Skills promises that you should have acquired and practiced the skills to use MongoDB tools. You’ll have access to course files that will allow you to follow the bite-sized lessons closely.

There are three ways you can take this course. You can purchase a physical DVD of the course for $99.95; download a digital version for 99.95%; or, get access to Infinite Skills’ full learning library for a monthly subscription fee of $25 (or with a $50 discount when you opt for a full year subscription of $250). Under the subscription package, you’ll have unlimited 24-7 access to any course in their library that currently hosts some 23,000 videos.


Introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB Pluralsight

In this 2.5-hour course, you’ll learn a few tricks on how to use MongoDB with other programming languages.

By taking this course, you’ll gain a thorough background on MongoDB, a popular and scalable NoSQL database. That means you can start using Mongo to complement other software applications, a skill that is currently in demand in many industries that use large amounts of data in their operational or decision making processes. You’ll learn that MongoDB is compatible with other computer frameworks and programming languages and that many large organizations use it to drive their big data operations. Within the 2.5-hour duration of this course, you’ll learn how to launch Mongo, manipulate data, and make query statements. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry. This course is partitioned into 6 main sections that are further divided into bite-sized video tutorials that rarely exceed 5 minutes each. The course is presented by Nuri Halperin, a veteran software developer and entrepreneur.

To take this course at no cost, you can take advantage of Pluralsight’s 10-day free trial offer. Doing so will allow you to access nearly 1,400 courses of true-blue developer training. If you like the experience, you can opt to continue with their basic training plan that costs $29 per month. They also have a Plus Training Plan at $49 per month, which allows you to access exercise files and assessment exercises, as well as earn resume-boosting certifications once you complete a course.

Make It Big in the Workplace with Big Data Skills

Companies across industries are now on a critical quest to acquire IT— and even non-IT(!) — professionals who can help in their database projects.2 Wikibon estimates that the big data industry will exhibit a compounded annual growth rate of 31% over a five-year period from 2012 to 2017,  with its value estimated to exceed $47 billion.3 Part of that money goes to hiring big data professionals, the most in-demand of which are MongoDB developers. Even now, financial services companies, pharmaceuticals, retail firms and massive Internet companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are beefing up their investments in big data. So what are you waiting for? The goodies are everywhere but you need the perfect MongoDB skills to get them.

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