1500W Skullator Electric Skateboard


5.00 out of 5
  • Deck Style: Canadian Maple Wood customized Airbrushed Skull Design
  • Motor Power: 1500 watt (High Torque)
  • Maximum Speed: ≤ 50km/hr (31 mph)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 150 kg (330 Lbs)
  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
  • Wheel Style: All Terrain Super-grip Air Tire
  • Battery Input Voltage: 90-250v
  • Battery Capacity: Lithium 20 Amp (Extended Life For Longer Use)
  • Transmission: Belt Drive (Brushless motor, Aircraft Grade
  • Reverse Technology
  • Abs Regenerative Brakes
  • Starter: Interference-free Wireless Remote Controller + 2 Adjustable Speed Settings (Low And High speed) Blue Tooth Technology
  • Auto Power Shut Off: Yes
  • Independent Spring Suspension Trucks With newly innovated stablizers. (Aircraft Grade)
  • Weight Of Complete Board With Battery : 28 kg / 61 Lbs

Skatetek’s Skullator 1500 Watt Electric Skateboard is one of the Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard, ever engineered by a Canadian company. We have used the the finest aircraft grade components available on the market for the Skullator, which makes it number one in the world today. The Skullator is upgraded in so many ways, compared to other brands on the market, that anyone can learn to ride it in a matter of minutes. The Skullator also boasts a number of key safety features and comes standard with L.E.D headlights for those Knight Riders. The Skullator 1500 is currently the fastest production all terrain skateboard on the market. The upgraded lithium battery pack on the Skullitor will give you hours of riding pleasure. Hand designed and airbrushed deck by our professional artist. This amazing board goes just about anywhere. It Fast on the Streets and furious on the trails.

3 reviews for 1500W Skullator Electric Skateboard

  1. admin
    5 out of 5


    Gary Zuckerman
    I have purchased a couple of Skatetek boards for my son and I. The company has be a total pleasure to deal with and has gone beyond the call of duty to provide a super quality product with great service to match. Bravo Skatetek!!!

  2. Ivan Kieserg
    5 out of 5


    Service, delivery, honest product insight – first-class and next to none!

    When I received the Skullator, I was a little intimidated as it was a very impressive piece of technology…and yes, it looked a bit over-the-top when compared to my old 800W lead-acid ride.

    A boarding buddy came down from the North to have a sesh with me and check out the new ride (he had his 800W), and when we took off on our inaugural tear, I must admit that I felt that I was on one of those crazy bulls one sees at the Calgary Stampede!

    Needless to say, we were both very impressed with the power, range, and overall performance – and with some practice, this bad-boy has become my go-to ride above all others!

    IvyK – Calgary, AB

    5 out of 5


    I LOVE this board!!! A little history first.. I started with an X-24 about 10 years ago.. Then an exkate proline 600 about 6 years ago. Then about 4 years ago i bought the elektroskate 900 sport. Then about 2 years back i bought the electroskate all-terrain 900. NOW THIS SKULLATOR. i LOVE IT!! I love the power and torque you get from this 1500watt set-up. And these motors are SO quiet.. Its the same motor that was on my 900watt boards accept this 1500watt motor is just a little longer and even while delivering the much more power and speed , its still just as SILENT as the 900 watt motor i had.. I was on the beach bike path yesterday and i came upon a metro board and also an e-glide board.. MY board, YOUR board, is much quieter and faster and more torque! When we are down there on the beach bike path where electric vihicles even these skatebaords are NOT allowed, it really comes in handy to have a SILENT board like your motors are. Keep up the good work.. Try and stick with these quiet motors in the future. One other thing i did right off the bat was take out the truck spacers that are between the trucks and the deck and then switched out the 10″ wheels to this set of 9″ kenda tires.. Overall it got my feet about 2 inches closer to the ground which is a plus in my book. Just something to think about in your future designs.. I feel like its a bit more like a sports car being a little lower to the ground like this. And your bamboo decks that have a little flex to them are awesome…. GREAT job.. I love this deck.. All my previous decks had no flex and this one having a little flex to it increased the fun factor big time. Not to mention its just a beautiful looking bamboo deck too. Great choice! Overall this is by far my best set-up ive had out of about 5 different electric skateboards ive had over the past 10 years. Thank you guys very much. Im looking forward to what’s to come in the future for skatetek! Remember, silent and powerful is the way to go. Also, just for your records or it might be good to know, i got 19 miles on this board my first ride before the battery started beeping at me.. Thats pretty damn good. 19 miles… I weight about 220lbs and that was riding on a variety of hard serfices, including inclines, flats, and heading into the wind for a bit. Im super happy with 19 miles to a charge. Another thing, the amount of motor friction on these motors is very very LITTLE. I love the natural feeling of this.. When going down hill you can actually increase speed just from the gravity and momentum of going downhill because the motor friction is soo minimal. Also when you let off the acceleration trigger you just continue to coast nice and fast and natural like you would on a regular skateboard. I rode the e-glide board before and the motor friction is ridiculous. You don’t even need to apply the breaks on their board because as soon as you let off the accelerator the motor friction brings you to a stop..IT SUCKS.. i hated riding that board. So just another thing to keep in mind.. Your motors are awesome, very very little motor friction making for a much more natural feeling ride.

    I stopped riding when the battery started beeping at 19 miles, but do you happen to know about how long i have AFTER that before the board just stops running?

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