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irvine, ca via buford, ga
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  1. i just realized ddr extreme plus is literally nightcored ddr

  2. in which i gush obsessively about goreshit on

  3. in other news this is beyond good FUCK GORESHIT

  4. i want to kill goreshit and take his power for my own irresponsible use

  5. new goreshit and paypal still hasn't transfered my money to my bank fshuoatg;yoetyuseo

  6. Free tracks here:

  7. all tweets are just shitty imitations of dril

  8. I've heard this but Iwata was literally the worlds vibes comments?

  9. AUGUST 30TH

  10. “mom, dad, I’m ga-“ “it’s ok, we still love you” “-mer” “this is unacceptable, pack your things and leave immediately”

  11. enoch kim does shit followed and
  12. MOTHERFUCKER ONE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Someone take this label away from me

  14. new lock screen

  15. these are the people i know this is the life i have created this is who i am now where did i go wrong

  16. i am leagaly allowed to comment several times

  17. i'm surprised no one has called me out so far for ripping off of dieselboy with my dumb dramatic mix intros

  18. an actual quote by

  19. I ranked 94768 "Groove Prayer" (TOTAL) ! 3M DL Celebration! Get special avatars! :

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