About Zac

Zac is a piano expert and a renowned teacher in Singapore.He is a graduate of Bachelor of Music and a Major in Piano Performance from the University of Southern Queensland, one of Australia’s best providers of education programs. The success of his proteges demonstrates his remarkable abilities in teaching piano lessons. He is now considered as one of Singapore's best piano teachers for music-oriented students.

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Unique Methodology

Zac has been teaching his students with his unique piano teaching methodology for several years now. He offers courses that are designed to help students play piano well and excel in Singapore’s highly competitive musical scene. Zac also offers individualized and well-crafted lessons as well as effective teaching approach that can help students have a wonderful experience in training and becoming world-class pianists.

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“Under the tutelage and aegis of Teacher Zac, I have not only gained a technical mastery of piano performance, but also a capacity for refined, artistic appreciation. He incorporates interesting and imaginative analogies in his demonstrations. Also, he exposes us to divers musical interpretations and gives us space to cultivate our distinctive style in expression.”

Edward Ng, a senior piano student and Grade 8 Theory Distinction awardee

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Learning More about the Man Behind the Success of Zachary’s Piano Suite

Mr. Zachary Cheng Kok Wei is a renowned piano teacher in Singapore who is popularized not just by his impressive talent in playing the instrument but also his teaching skills. Through years of teaching lessons, Zac has develop world-class playing skills, impressive knowledge and excellent reputation in Singapore’s music industry. The exceptional level of technical skill he possess as well as his ability to impart his knowledge and teachings have made him an ideal person to go to especially those who have never played the instrument before.

Educational and Teaching Background

One of the most interesting things about Zac is his educational background and teaching experience. As a graduate of Bachelor of Music and a Major in Piano Performance in the University of Southern Queensland,he has gained all that he needed to become one of Singapore’s most reputable music teaches. In addition to his impressive educational background, Zac also gained a certification from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or ABRSM. This only shows his indisputable knowledge and skills in playing the instrument. The success of his proteges have also demonstrated that Zac is truly equipped with the skills and knowledge that only expert players and teachers possess. Some of his former students have become honorary delegates of the Master classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music and finalists in the Louisiana International Piano Competition and Festival.

About Zachary

There are many interesting things that students or aspiring pianists should learn about teacher Zac. This skilled music teacher has a deep understanding about the standards and demands of the Royal Music School of London’s ABRSM tests and examinations. He offers ABRSM lessons, grade 1 to 8 and diploma studies as well as classes for specialized fields namely the set pieces, scales, slight reading and aural pieces. Students can choose from any of these courses and at the end of the course, they will find themselves becoming the player they used to dream of.

His Remarkable Teaching Approach

Teacher Zac is an example of what an ideal piano teacher is like. He has already spent decades teaching lessons to students, many of which have succeeded in a variety of known competitions worldwide. This only shows how well the students were trained and how Zac plays a major role in their success. Students will also have well-crafted and customized lessons that can help them learn and perform well. He knows exactly how to teach students based on their learning capacity such as teaching the foundations of playing the instrument first and then the techniques in performing impressively. The students can also take advantage of a highly conducive studio with a library of musical books offered by this remarkable teacher.

Aspiring pianists may avail of the free trial or consultation lesson offered by teacher Zachary. The music school of this very talented teacher has been widely known to help students pass the ABRSM examinations. What makes it even more interesting is that many students did not just pass the exams they also did it with merits. Many of Zac’s former students are already performing at recitals and have received remarkable commendations at Singapore/International Piano Competition. The Zachary’s Piano Suite is dedicated in providing courses that can sharpen students’ knowledge in music, discover their skills and make their music goals highly achievable. He is adept in teaching how to play the instrument and this he demonstrated by properly addressing the common concerns and mistakes often committed by beginners. The courses are also tailored to meet the needs, skill level and age of the student. Anyone, young or old, can truly learn how to play the instrument well and perform impressively with the help of teacher Zac.

Piano Classes for Beginners

Teacher Zachary is a widely known piano expert and music teacher that produces world-class pianists. He has the capacity to bring out the best and truest potentials of his students. He has received many awards and wonderful testimonials from his former students as well as from the parents of his students. He has a professional and effective way of dealing with all types of aspiring pianists, and this made him even more popular to musically-inclined individuals. He is friendly and uses advanced and effective teaching methods that can make learning a wonderful experience.