Card Crawl is a solitaire style Dungeon Crawler played with a modified deck of standard cards by & . Hoerni Tweets!

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  1. New Beta uploaded. Should be live within the next 2 hours. We are trying to fix/reduce overheating/battery drain.

  2. players we need your help! Do you have battery drain/overheating issues? Please sign up for our next Beta:

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    First Week of Card Crawl for Android - including download and sales numbers

  4. Hello to all the new players and thanks everyone for buying the game! We are very happy that you like our little game!

  5. It's very unfortunate how the leaderboards on Android are already broken. has no way to ban cheaters. Sorry!

  6. Additionally we have finally opened a small store for some Card Crawl T-Shirts:

  7. Card Crawl for released! Download on -

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    I'm just gonna revel in my daily dungeon moment.

  9. Card Crawl is coming to ! 2 more days, get it on on the 12th of August!

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    Awesome is 4 ratings short of 1000 in the US store! Thanks for that!

  11. Card Crawl for will be finally available on Google Play on the 12th of August!

  12. We've justed submitted Card Crawl 2.0.2. Besides smaller things this will fix the "Dealer sits there and does nothing" bug.

  13. With the launch of the version of Card Crawl we are finally going to offer some T-Shirts, stay tuned:

  14. The 20th has a super tough Daily-Dungeon for you, only 14 out of 342 made it so far!

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    You liked and want to try out a new card game prototype by us? We are looking for early feedback:

  16. This is the 2. round of the Card Crawl Android Beta. We are looking for 30 additional testers:

  17. Hey iOS Crawler! If your game does not start after the update (2.0.1): Go into the settings menu and use the "Delete Savegame" button.

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    i think i claim this "woodlouse lord" titel for myself now. Challenge: hit 73 Max life?!

  19. Here's a small web page where you can check out how the Daily Dungeon is going:

  20. Android Beta goes really well. A lot of great feedback and fixes done. If you haven't: Check out the Beta group and post your feedback.

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