Best Launch Ever: Etta Rebecca Bailey

November 17, 2012

My life just got its biggest upgrade yet. My daughter, Etta Rebecca Bailey, was born on September 18th. She is named after five of the most extraordinary women who have ever lived: her Aunt Loretta, Nonna Loretta, Grandma Becky, Great Granny Marcella Etta, and of course, the wonderful Etta James. After a harrowing early delivery and a week in the NICU, Moms and baby arrived home happy and healthy. In just eight weeks, Etta has already grown so much. In between naps, we're just trying to keep up with her.

I don't plan to turn this site into a mommy blog (not that there's anything wrong with that!). But my girl is already making me smarter and more thoughtful as a developer and commentator, and I do hope to write about that. Thanks to her, everything I do—from changing a diaper to planning an app release—has a new gravity to it, because it will affect and reflect on her. I'm still figuring out what that all means, but so far raising her has been the most joyful and exhausting undertaking of my life.

More blogging to come, especially once we're sleeping through the night.