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breastfeeding safe weightloss to help you lose weight while breastfeeding lose weight after baby .com: postpartum weight loss

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Angela - Epping, NH

         "I wasnít about to give that up for a dress size."

Dropped 40* Pounds & 3 Sizes

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©

I gained 72 pounds during my pregnancy, leaving my scale tipping 220 pounds. I left the hospital in love with my 9lb 1oz baby girl, but with a challenge of losing the weight ahead of me.


This is me and Emma;

our first day home from

Breastfeeding Weightloss © AfterBaby.comthe hospital after c-section.



This picture is me and my daughter, Emma, at Christmas. I weighed approximately 180 pounds; in a tight 14.



Breastfeeding is a priority! 

It took me four months to lose 10 pounds on my own (after the initial 32 pounds of water weight)Ö It was pretty hard and discouraging, but I was determined not to lose my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter Ė we worked hard for two months to succeed at it and I wasnít about to give that up for a dress size.



I found the Weight Loss Program...


Then, at the end of January, I found when I started searching the internet for a breastfeeding friendly weight loss program and within a month reintroduced me to a size 12 pair of jeans.


I dropped 3 sizes! 

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©

My current goal was to make it into a size 8 by my daughterís first birthday and I did it! Iím currently at 140 pounds and only have 20 to lose by my next goal date (my 2nd wedding anniversary).
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©
Iíve been able to take my weight loss slowly and steadily Ė with out compromising my breastfeeding relationship. My weight loss isnít so slow that itís discouraging either. Thatís just as important to me.

~Angela Harrington


Emmaís first birthday party & full frontal of how itís really going.



Program & Supplements Used:  

Her success started with the Basic Weight Loss ProgramAlong her journey she has added fiber and digestive tablets.


Since she has seen the excellent effects that great nutrition has had on her body, she has become an Member to continue using the nutritional supplements even after she has met her weight loss goal and to introduce our program to other moms.


*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.

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Breastfeeding Weight loss After Baby  - Our breastfeeding safe program is for breastfeeding weight loss while breastfeeding to lose weight loss after the baby.  Postpartum breast feeding weight loss after baby moms. Safe breastfeeding weight loss is important to After Baby .com.

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