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Doer of things technical at . I post geeky things about web, music, beer. Your call. (-:

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  1. Disks full. Autoscaler recycling unhealthy nodes. “We’re just making sure it works. It’s like our own Chaos Monkey.” “Incompetence Monkey.”

  2. Today: did 1 hour of development. Tested. Events not firing. Spent 4 hours figuring out why. Worked around someone else’s bug—my code works.

  3. CAMACHO 2016

  4. Sometimes vacation restores energy and leads to a very productive return to work. Other times, it just leaves me needing more vacation. /-:

  5. 1995: young me scoffed at Windows 95, thinking the GUI and the masses might ruin computing. was sufficient. I may not have been wrong.

  6. Stock market theory: Chinese foreign investors finally saw Trump on international news television.

  7. partial results. The crowd has been fed, and the best parts are yet to come. @…

  8. The continues with @ Ebenezer's Pub

  9. Pork tutorial by warrenoatesmeal. @ Ebenezer's Pub

  10. The dedicated meat hacksaw in action. @ Ebenezer's Pub

  11. This year at Ebenezer's gastrocamping: we are not messing around. @ Ebenezer's Pub

  12. View at the new hillfarmstead tasting room: not bad at all. (-: @ Hill Farmstead Brewery

  13. Growler fill line at on a Wednesday afternoon: ~90 mins long. :stare: Good for them though.

  14. retweeted

    Wondering whether URLs like this will be 404ing before too long:

  15. 3 years ago. Still sad. A once-great medium squandered, dumbed-down, & sold to the highest (not high enough) bidder:

  16. Maybe I just should cron `* * * * * root killall -HUP mDNSResponder` until OS X 10.10.5 comes out…

  17. Got some tomatillos from this week, so… chili verde!

  18. I just had to double click to view something on Flickr. Then it tried to open a popup. It is over.

  19. `// … This has pushed me one step closer to becoming a farmer.` Perhaps I should take a longer vacation.

  20. *gasp* I found something missing from Boto. That’s a bad omen or something.

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