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16 More Things We Learned About Final Fantasy 15

That car is literally your life.

While Square Enix won't be announcing the release date for Final Fantasy XV until March 2016, director Hajime Tabata shared more details on the game's story and major features with GameSpot, including a deeper dive into footage shown during a panel at PAX Prime today.

Fantastical Beings

  • Tabata revealed a new summon: Leviathan. A classic summoned creature from previous Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XV's Leviathan is a female serpent who lives in the waters surrounding the city of Altissia. According to Tabata, she "has a lot of intellect" and can disguise herself and move around as a liquid. She was one of the first Eidolons designed for Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV.
  • Eidolons, the term for creatures you can summon in Final Fantasy XV, play a major role in the world's cosmology. Eidolons are godlike creatures that were involved in the creation of the world, and each eidolon has a distinct look and personality. The eidolons are also gendered--for example, Ramuh is male and Leviathan is female--and their own language. Players will discover each Eidolon as part of Final Fantasy XV's storyline.
  • When Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced, Square Enix said it would be part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, a series of Final Fantasy games connected by their themes and mythology. According to Tabata, Final Fantasy XV is no longer connected to the Fabula Nova mythology, and is thematically much different than Versus XIII was, though some design elements remain.
  • Final Fantasy XV's cosmology has a baseline built in Japanese mythology, with elements of Western religious melded in. Throughout the game, players will learn how the world was made and about the divine beings that made it.
  • The woman in the Final Fantasy XV logo--drawn by series artist Yoshitaka Amano--isn't necessarily Etro, the goddess of death mentioned in earlier trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. She is, however, the most important goddess in XV's world, and Amano's original sketch of her was the inspiration for her character.
  • The monsters you encounter out in the field aren't all enemies. Designer Tomohiro Hasegawa said that all creatures have been designed to feel as though they belong naturally in the world, and not all will be enemies to Noctis and his friends. Hasegawa explained that creatures were designed to look like they would actually live in the environment they populate. Additionally, defeating some monsters will yield consumables--like Garula sirloins from Garulas--that Ignis can cook and convert into status buffs. At this point, not all monsters will drop consumables, but Hasegawa notes this could change before the final game is released.
  • We've seen tons of new creatures, but where are the classic Final Fantasy monsters Moogles, Tonberries, and Cactuar? In keeping with the idea that Final Fantasy XV is a "fantasy based on reality," Hasegawa said that because they are hoping to keep creatures somewhat realistic, it has been difficult finding ways to incorporate these classic mystical beasties. But that doesn't mean we won't see them; Hasegawa and Tabata said we’d definitely be seeing some of these creatures.

People and Places

  • Several new locations were revealed: the Venice-inspired city of Altissia, a series of floating islands set among waterfalls and waterways; Lestallum, a town inspired by Cuba built on top of a massive crater containing a meteor that provides the area with its energy; and Hammerhead, a mechanic's station where players will be able to service the Regalia, Noctis' car. The team also revealed Caem, a port city where Noctis and his friends can find boats.
  • Noctis and Luna are romantically involved, but their tale won't be the "typical love story," Tabata said. He said Luna is character of great inner strength, and she and Noctis will greatly influence one another.
  • Players will have an active role in developing Noctis' relationship with Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. The strength of their bond will be dependent on doing activities together, much like the two-person sidequests in Episode Duscae 2.0. In addition to main narrative beats, players will develop the relationships through these quests, which will in turn affect the strength of combo attacks Noctis can execute with his companions. Tabata said the team really wants players to feel these bonds grow.
  • In Hammerhead, players will meet another mechanic character that isn't Cindy, the blonde-haired women featured in Episode Duscae. Tabata said this mechanic is a character we've come to know throughout the Final Fantasy series, suggesting the character will be called Cid. Every Final Fantasy game includes a character name Cid, and he is often a mechanic.
  • In the ongoing quest to balance combat in Final Fantasy XV, the team has added firearms and shields to Noctis' arsenal. Players will be able to use both items in conjunction with Noctis' main weapon, the Phantom Sword. Weapons will be obtained along Noctis' journey and the exact number of weapons seems to be significant, with Tabata noting that the number is "meaningful" but not saying what it is.

The Car

  • The Regalia, Noctis' car, is a physical manifestation of Noctis' carrying his father's connection along his journey. The car is a metaphor for the prince taking his father's love, burdens, and bond on the road to his destiny.
  • Tabata said the team wants players to enjoy driving the Regalia. While driving, players can change the point of view. They can view the car in third-person, watching scenery go by or focusing on the tail end of the car, or they watch the drive from the point of view of one of the boys or the driver. Driving can be set to manual or auto, and in auto, players can auto park the car in designated parking spots in areas.
  • You'll be able to customize the car and will have to service it when it breaks down. Gas is a resource, and you'll need to stop at gas stations to get some. If you run out of gas while on the road, the boys get out and push the car.
  • Speaking of transportation, players will be able to ride boats to other continents within Final Fantasy XV's world. This is a big change from what Tabata said earlier this year about the world being one connected mass. Players won't be able to directly control these boats, but wherever they go, they will take the car with them.

Tabata promised we'd hear more information on Final Fantasy XV turning Tokyo Game Show next month, including a deeper look at the character Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

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Posted by Kiaininja

Isn't this game based on an advance technological futuristic civilization, yet they still use gas and not electric for their vehicles.

Edited by IJONOI

Hack and slash. No.

Emo characters. No.

Ai companions. No.

Wish they'd stop trying to re-invent the wheel.

Posted by Elazul_Stice

Im getting this odd feeling that this shouldnt have been a final fantasy game, and furthermore... like they're trying to do alot of new things and jam the Final Fantasy brand on top of it. The quotes I've read about this game always leave me baffled. They couldn't nail the universe, it's "based on reality"... in some places then not in others, cant fit classic tropes into their own game, said "turn based combat has fallen out of favour with this series" , yet no one seems to know what thats based on and sales dont seem to reflect that, especially how well a new IP like bravely default sold... I dunno. Is it possible square needs a break from Final Fantasy or start a new IP up? Im excited for Final Fantasy 15, dont get me wrong, and im open to trying new things with the combat, (but not abandoning it from every game they make without saying why, when they built their legacy on it) but it sounds like this game only recently found its identity, and im not sure what it found needed to be final fantasy.

Posted by skootbootz

@Elazul_Stice: Well in all fairness FF games have always been kinda "inventive" with each installment featuring something drastically different from the last. Now that doesn't mean these changes are always good, and they often aren't, but really there aren't that many FF games that play exactly the same. Even within turn based combat something new was always being tried. But I totally see your point, and I have some pretty mixed feeling about this game. I skipped FF13 (all of them) and pretty much hated FF12, but we'll just have to see with this game.

Posted by Ripper_TV

  • You'll be able to customize the car and will have to service it when it breaks down. Gas is a resource, and you'll need to stop at gas stations to get some. If you run out of gas while on the road, the boys get out and push the car.

Don't think it'll be a fun mechanic. Running out of fuel in games is usually bad.

Having said that, I wanna say this is the only long JPRG that remotely can interest me, because of the time investment. Normally if I have to choose whether to finish one 50-hour JRPGs or five 10-hour adventure games, I'd always choose the latter.

Posted by finalkain

This might be the First FF I never play. I dont care how pretty it is. Everything from the hack n' slash, have to hide to get my HP back, and now putting gas in my fucking car...

Im done.

Posted by AgitoVIIReborn

FNC mythos discarded entirely? I remember them saying that they wouldn't use the original terminology, but the entire mythos? I think I'll wait until multiple sites confirm it in interviews before I believe this. Especially as the sentence around the woman in the logo appears to be written around the premise that the game still uses the mythos. On the whole, I am suspicious of this being a mistranslation or misunderstanding until confirmed as being otherwise. (Note: IGN Access reported that "l'Cie" wouldn't be the main threat, but said nothing about the entire mythos being discarded)

Posted by chad28_69

He can throw the swords and teleport why does he need guns, also you can block with swords you don't need a shield for that.

Posted by GregoryBastards

They added guns and shield....nice But i want combat to return to what was shown in early e3 trailers....which showed noctis weilding summonablw swords like Vergil.

Posted by KingNoctisII

@GregoryBastards: He was always in Phantom Sword mode in the E3 trailler and they also said it was an high lvl Noctis .

You will be able to play like that in critical situations .

Posted by zockirrer

It's the car right?

Chicks love the car.

Posted by NateZowa100

A traditional final fantasy would be nice. You know have characters that aren't emo and other characters that are badass and have a story that can have that humor but not go overboard serious with it like ff9.

Posted by xavroche

Cid made his first appearance in FF2, and has been in every game since then. So technically there hasn't been a character named Cid in every single game since there was no Cid in the original final fantasy.

Posted by JackNief

@xavroche: Maybe not, but Cid of the Lufaine was actually retcon'd in with the newer iterations of FF1. He's not ever seen, but he is mentioned.

Edited by Nawras

There better be a lot of gas stations

Posted by necro_dragoon

Please tell me that the big guy in the car image can be killed.

Posted by atopp399

" Players will discover each Eidolon as part of Final Fantasy XV's storyline."

Not even one is a side quest or secret?

Edited by VoidBeyond

GOTY 2016 <3

Posted by Evenios

i just think having a car in a final fantasy game is stupid. lol

Posted by skootbootz

@Evenios: vehicles are in almost every FF game.

Posted by yamisniper

@Evenios said:

i just think having a car in a final fantasy game is stupid. lol

ff8 had cars

Posted by atopp399
Edited by GunEye

Wow this is promising! Glad Tabata's in charge of this project. Love how they constantly evolve and add new stuff - that's being open minded and flexible - an important trait for game developers

Thanks for the well written, informative article Alexa!

Finally some real NEWS.

Posted by jyml8582

16 things and none of them mattered. How much is done? When is the release date? Is there any locked content to be sold as dlcs?

Posted by ConsoleHaven

@jyml8582: you may have alredy read it, but, they announced the release date date. The world will know when FF XV launches in March 2016.

Edited by Monsterkillah

They already show us everything about this game all we need now is a release date

Posted by JustBeFahad

This sounds great.

Posted by Thanatos2k

I'm getting that FF13 vibe. That's not a good thing.

Posted by Monsterkillah

@Thanatos2k: just shut up already

Everything is bad news to you just go away

Edited by 40mdf0

@Thanatos2k: Please no. After the hell that was FF13, 13-2 and Lighting Returns, I can't go through that type of suffering again.

Like you, I can't shake this feeling, gnawing at my soul, saying: "bruh imma let u finish, but this game is going to be the worst FF ever"

Posted by Smaug317

Total nerdgasm. I know it'll be worth the wait. I loved XIII and Type-0 was a breath of fresh air in the series. XV has the potential to be the best.

Edited by Thanatos2k

@Smaug317: Remember when people said "I know it'll be worth the wait. I loved FF12 and Revenant Wings was a breath of fresh air in the series. FF13 has the potential to be the best."

How quickly we forget.

Edited by Smaug317

@Thanatos2k: I absolutely loved XIII. It gave me a very nostalgic feeling. Like the spiritual baby of FFVII.

Posted by vavi
Posted by goodemon

Wow can't wait to play it!

Posted by rikku45

The fuel thing seems cool.

Posted by EliteGamingGuru