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Collage Maker Upgrade Policy

Upgrade version 2.x to 3.x

  • The cost of Collage Maker 3.x is $28.95 unless you qualify for one of the following :
    1. If you purchased Collage Maker 2.x during or after Jan 1, 2008, then you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Version 3.x.    

    2. If you purchased Collage Maker 2.x prior to Jan 1, 2008, then you will be have to pay an upgrade fee of $14.95.  

    3. Collage Maker 1.x users will have to pay the full price for version 3.

    If you would like to purchase an upgrade license to Collage Maker 3.8 and you need the link to the UPGRADE ORDER page then please contact Customer Support.

    If you are eligible for FREE UPGRADE, please contact Customer Service and we will email your unlock key.

    Be sure to include your last name and any order information you might have so we can verify your order.

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