Diy Farmhouse Ladder with Wire Baskets

Diy Farmhouse Ladder with Wire Baskets

The hubs asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year and my response was, “I want some more power tools so I can build things.” He spoiled me and got me several items that I use nearly every day now. The first thing I built was a blanket ladder with plans from Shanty 2 Chic. After building several of those ladders I decided I wanted to build one with a thinner frame for my own living room. I found this awesome ladder on Pinterest and fell in love. I mean, just look at how cute those baskets are.

Pinterest Ladder

After finding this inspiration photo, I knew I wanted to incorporate baskets into my new design.

Here are some things you’ll need for this project:

  • 2 – 2×3’s at 8ft
  • 1 – 1×1 at 8ft
  • Kreg Jig (or drill pilot holes yourself)
  • Drill
  • 2″ Kreg Jig Screws
  • Sander
  • Stain (I used Minwax Special Walnut)
  • Poly or Clear Wax for finish
  • Wire Baskets (optional)

Diy Farmhouse Ladder Diagram

First, start by making your cuts:

  • Cut your 2×3’s at 75″ (or desired height)
  • Cut 5 – 1×1’s at 17″ (or desired width)

Now, use your Kreg Jig to make 3/4″ pocket holes in each side (back) of the 1×1 pieces.

Attach each 1×1 to one of the 2×3’s using 2″ Kreg Jig screws, each 1×1 is 13″ apart (12″ gap between). I like to measure and mark on both of the 2×3’s where my 1×1’s will go…it just makes things easier when you’re putting it all together.

Sand the ladder and then stain your piece, let stain sit for at least 5-10 minutes and then wipe excess off. Once the stain has dried I always like to lightly sand edges for a more rustic, worn look. Lastly, add a coat of polyurethane or clear wax to protect finish.

Diy Farmhouse Ladder 4

If you’re wondering where I snagged these two baskets, I got them at Ikea for $4 each…a steal for wire baskets if you ask me. I did have to stretch them a bit to fit on my 1×1’s, but overall they’re holding up great. I just wanted two baskets so I could use the lower part for my throw blankets. I’m just loving how it turned out.

Diy Farmhouse Ladder 2

Diy Farmhouse Ladder 3

Diy Farmhouse Ladder

What do you think of my Diy Farmhouse Ladder with Baskets?


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2 thoughts on “Diy Farmhouse Ladder with Wire Baskets

  1. I really like all your DIY projects. You are inspiring me to try my hand at some of these things–you make it sound easy.
    Thank you.

    • Oh, you’re too sweet, thank you! This ladder could be a good intro Diy project, it’s pretty straight forward. Thanks for following along.

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