At War with Home Pests 

Our home is where we relax after a long day at work. It’s our happy place. It is our children’s first wonderland. It is where we build memories with them. It is where we come home to recharge our tired mind and body and simply loosen up.. It is our sanctuary our safe place…

But is it really safe?

When creepy creatures starts crawling around your house, it threatens the health, home-environment safety and well-being of your family.

Whether you have in your home blood-eating insects like mites, fleas, and mosquitoes or defensive biters like bees, wasps and ants, some nasty mice that destroys even your clothes, or a whole class of roaches that are just plain annoying, everyone can agree, these pests do not belong in your house!

Lots of pests are just nasty. How can something be so small yet terrible as those ants climbing on your walls, ceiling and window sills by the hundreds? They feast on your food, and worst, they bump your helpless baby’s skin. 

That eeky factor every time you accidentally roll over onto a live cockroach that has found its way in between your sheets? They crawl across your television screen, in the toilet while you’re in the middle of- you know what i mean, it leaves nasty trails on your pantry, creeps through your silverwares and sometimes land on your food while you’re actually eating it. 

And who likes seeing our children with mosquito bites? Which could mean they have been exposed to harmful bacteria that at some point may result to diseases like dengue fever or malaria? Since I became a mom, mosquitos has been one of my worst enemies. I guess it’s every mom’s fear, regardless of status, to go through the ordeal of dengue fever (or malaria) management among children. 

Trust me when I say, we need all the help that we can get in this aspect. And I’m just glad I did get mine, as I was introduced to Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI) Home Pest Solutions, through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI), a leading multinational company distributing and marketing pest solutions products such as Solignum wood preservative has its line of home pest products called Home Pest Solutions by Jardine Distributions.

JDI Home Pest Solution aims to provide effective solutions to homeowners without compromising the health and environment. It gives homeowners longer protection from attack of home pests such as rodents, roach, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

“Unfortunately, these pests easily make their nests in our homes. We may see just one rat or one cockroach, but this means there could be dozens of them in our house, hidden from sight,” says Peachy C. Tiu, JDI Marketing Manager for Home Pests Solution.
“Safety is a top priority in our home pest products. When used regularly and properly according to the directions on their labels, Jardine Home Pest Solutions will eliminate home’s pest problems while also protecting the health of family members. With the expansion on the distribution of our Home Pest Solutions, we are happy that more households will enjoy the protection and safety it provides,” Tiu adds.

JDI Home Pest products include Klerat Single Feed Rodenticide, Optigard Roach and Ant Bait, and ZAP aerosol insecticide which comes in multi-insect, cockroach and mosquito killer variants.

Sure, there are a lot of other brands in the market, I’ve tried most of them and believe me, I think I found what I’ve long been looking for in JDI Home Pest products.

And here’s why:

 Klerat is highly potent making it more effective than other brands in the market.
Another advantage is its pricing strategy. It is cost effective- only less amount of Klerat is needed to kill rats and mice in one feeding. Other brands require multiple feeding making it more expensive. For instance, the Klerat is being sold for P140 per pack of two blocks, which can kill 9 rats as against the cheaper leading brand but can only kill 4 rats.
And take note that Klerat is the only rodenticide in the market that is effective in killing both rats and mice. Other brands are only effective in killing rats.

Optigard is a gel bait insecticide used in eliminating cockroach and ant. There are two types of Optigard, Optigard Cockroach Bait and Optigard Ant Bait. The formulation of Optigard would attract and kill cockroach and ant providing more kill per application. It provides longer lasting-up to 3 months protection and more convenient to use- no mess and safe application.

ZAP AK Multi Insect Killer is a high quality insecticide specially formulated to provide fast- killing power against mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies without the irritating smell. (AK stands for All Knockdown)

ZAP AK has an anti-dengue formula to combat dengue carrying mosquitoes. Dengue fever has been affecting the Philippines for many years now.
ZAP AK is more coat-effective, it is more affordable, yet provides better performance than other brands.
Home Pest Solutions by JDI are now available in Rustan’s Supermarkets, Welcome Supermarket, Shopwise Super Centers and also in most hardware stores nationwide.
Our home isn’t a place for pests. I may be at war with home pests, but I’m at home now with JDI Home Pest Solutions. Get as much help as you can to get those pesky creatures out of your house! You’ll be glad you did. #jnv

Tree Top Adventure presents “Asia Leaders Forum: Social Media Marketing” 

Press Release:

On August 23, 2015 at Subic Bay Yacht Club, here comes the “Asia Leaders Forum: Social Media Marketing” brought to us by Tree Top Adventure. Four speakers; Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez, The “Voice Master” Pocholo De Leon Gonzales and Public Relations Experts; Cherry Burwell and Jeoff Solas will discuss the following:
1. Personal Branding 

2. How to choose Bloggers for campaigns? 

3. Social Media responsibility 

4. How to sustain and maintain the relationship with bloggers? 

5. How effectively can marketing managers become the brand ambassadors of their own company.

6. How to convert likes into sales? 

Why Social Media Marketing is important. Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or engagement or attention through social media and usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks thus produce engagement with the company expectation to convert the engagement to sales. The resulting electronic word of mouth refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet (e.g., blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, instant messages, news feeds) about an event, product, service, brand or company. When the underlying message spreads from user to user or becomes viral and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself, this form of marketing results in earned media rather than paid media. 

TAG Media and Public Relations is the organizer of Asia LeadersForum and advocating information to reach a broader audience to understand more about important issues that could help not just companies but individuals to pursue excellence. Asia Leaders Forum is a pocket conference with different topics per event and with influential leaders as speakers. For more information and for our next events, please check or call 09166299381 or email your inquiry to

5 Things You Can Learn from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Who doesn’t know the fairytale about a girl as white as snow who falls into a deep sleep after taking a bite of a poisoned apple given by an evil queen? Sure, she’s one of the most loved fairy tale princesses of all.

 Starting this August, Repertory Philippines brings yet another masterpiece to life – the classic story of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. The stage play will feature Christine Flores, Alana Vicente, Becca Coates, and Dani Prieto (understudy) as Snow White; Bituin Escalante, Ring Antonio, and Christine Flores (understudy) as the queen; and Hans Eckstein, Jos Jalbuena, and Jef Flores as the Prince/Woodsman.

For the actors and actresses starring in the play who grew up loving Snow White, the lessons from the story continue to be a constant companion in life. Here are a few things that kids of all ages can learn from watching Repertory Philippines’ retelling of this classic fairytale:


 It’s wonderful to have friends.

When Snow White had nowhere else to go, she was welcomed in the humble abode of the Seven Dwarfs – Scrubber, Blubber, Scotty, Flubber, Pepito, Mosquito, and Fred. These little creatures embraced her like one of their own. Dani and Becca, who both play the role of Snow White in one of its installations, shares, “She’s very open to everybody. Snow White is very trusting.”


  You can appeal to the goodness in everyone.

When the Evil Queen ordered the Woodsman to kill Snow White, he failed, not because he was incapable but because Snow White appealed to the goodness in him. Snow White believed that deep inside, the Woodsman is capable of kindness. Jos, one of the actors who will play the Prince/Woodsman’s role, says, “He [Woodsman] probably grew up just following the Queen but when he had to make a decision, he decided not to”. Snow White was right, there’s goodness in each and every one of us.


 Being mean does not justify your insecurities.

Every time the queen asks the Magic Mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” and she gets her most dreaded answer, “Snow White,” she goes into a deep rage. “Everyone has insecurities. It’s how they deal with it. The Queen deals with it by being mean,” Ring, one of the actresses who will play the role of the Evil Queen says in the end, the Queen still failed because anything rooted in evil never wins.


 Don’t talk to strangers (and don’t let them in your house).

When the Woodsman failed to kill Snow White, the Queen decided to do it herself by disguising as an old woman. Despite the Dwarfs’ advice to her, Snow White’s golden heart still prevailed. She talked to the old woman, accepted the apple she offered, and fell into a deep sleep. When in doubt, always remember what the Dwarfs told Snow White, “Don’t talk to strangers and don’t let them in your house.” It’s better to be safe than sorry.


 Real beauty comes from within.

Driven by jealousy, the Evil Queen had to kill Snow White to become the “fairest of them all.” But despite her many attempts, the Queen never succeeded because the Magic Mirror recognizes Snow White’s beauty — both from the outside and most importantly, from the inside. The Queen was not and will never be as beautiful as Snow White not because she’s less attractive but because her heart is not as pure.


 Directed by Joy Virata, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS will take us on a trip-down-memory-lane and remind us why Snow White deserves a spot in our list of “Most Loved Fairy Tale Princesses.”


SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS will be staged until December 10, 2015 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Ticket prices ranges from P400 to P600. For more details on the play, call the Repertory Philippines at 843-3570 and book tickets through TicketWorld at 891-9999 or visit their website at

Lamudi joins Asia E Commerce Expo 2015

Lamudi joins Asia E Commerce Expo 2015

Lamudi joins Asia E Commerce Expo 2015

This year’s Asia E- Commerce Expo (#AECoE) will be held on November 25, 2015 at SMX Aura, Taguig, brought to you by TAG Media and Public Relations.

#AECoE will give you a unique opportunity to learn from, and network with senior leaders from the biggest brands in Asia Pacific region and in which the leading e-commerce experts from emerging markets, award winning e-commerce players and established e-retailers in APAC gather under one roof. Industry leaders will share independent experiences and insights for delegates from different countries.

You can be a part of this inspiring environment and benefit from the excellent networking opportunities it offers. This one day Expo features: Sessions on ePayments, eLogistics and ePrivacy Opening reception Conference programme. It will be graced by over fifteen local and international high level speakers, including Jacqueline Van Den Ende, the founder and managing director of Lamudi, Cinstantin Robertz of Zalora and Janette Toral of Digital Club Filipino in the first panel discussion. This event is participated by over 30 sponsors.

Lamudi Philippines is the leading online real estate website in the Philippines. With over 90,000 properties and 1,000 brokers and developers online. Lamudi aspires to help consumers find their perfect home online from the complete assortment of properties for sale and for rent in the country. Simultaneously Lamudi helps brokers and developers connect to millions of prospective buyers previously beyond their reach. Lamudi is globally established in 30 countries.

Lamudi is part of the Rocket Internet Group of companies, the largest incubator of online start ups in the world with headquarters in Berlin and over 100 ventures across 50+ countries. Previously successful ventures of Rocket Internet include Zalora, Lazada, Zalando, Groupon. Lamudi Philippines acquired in April 2015. The team together currently consists of 80 people.

What will you learn:
· Market Analysis
· Digital Marketing
· Strategy
· E Commerce
· Going Global

Why you should attend:
· To grow your business
· To meet investors
· 300 APAC Audience
· Maximizing cross border e-commerce

Speakers are leaders from different industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the ASEAN region and beyond. Attendees are senior business people, high-ranking government officials and media.

#AECoE is not just about learning, empowerment and inspiration but a potential future collaboration that’s why we allot time for networking.

Speakers confirmed are as follows plus 10 more awaiting for their confirmation:
• Constantin Robertz- Managing Director, Zalora
• Lars Jeppesen- CEO, Tech One Global
• Jacqueline Van Den Ende- Managing Director, Lamudi
• Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber
• Janette Toral- Founder, Digital Club Filipino
• Subir Lohani- Managing Director,
• Chinkee Tan- Book Author and Radio Host
• Robert Yupangco- CEO,Yupangco Group of Companies
• Frederic Levy- Founder & CEO, CashCashPinoy
• Camille Montejo- CEO, Tree Top Adventure Inc.

• Chris Kiklas- President, EmLogis
• Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creativoices Production
• Spanky Enriquez- Corporate Communications Consultant

Asia E Commerce Expo 2015 (#AECoE) is expecting 300 visitors & up to 30 companies to share their products and services in the expo. For partnership/sponsorship, please contact the organizer at 09166299381 or at

Registration Fee per delegate: Php 3,000.00 (Inclusion: Snacks, Elegant Lunch, Speed Networking, Conference and Expo.)###

DIY Candy Buffet


Frozen Theme Candy Bar for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday

A rapidly increasing trend right now in the party and events organizing industry is putting up a candy bar or candy buffet (also called dessert buffet) aside from the party’s main food entree. A candy buffet gives an exciting twist to every party and fulfills the sweet-toothed dream of having a “wonka chocolate factory fantasy” at a party.. I guess it’s something people of all ages can sink their teeth into, and in some case, will never outgrow…


Feels really good putting them all together…


Melted Olaf: Some people are worth melting for…


Customize Your Label


Olaf’s Nose


Olaf Spare Parts, with Do you wanna Build a Snowman quote


Frozen hats and memes for the DIY Photo Booth

Being a self-proclaimed party expert and a mom who would do anything to see that genuine smile on her baby’s face, I thought of sharing this passion to you.

I have been so into “candy buffeting” lately, that I actually even insisted having one for the kids during my dad’s 66th birthday. Hehehe. You read it right. And it was a hit!


Kids love candies!


Candy Buffet set up at Lolo’s front yard…

Preparing a candy bar is easy, and in a way, stress-relieving. Well, for two reasons it brings out the kid in me, and brings a lot of childhood memories too.


Snow White Theme Candy Buffet duting my Daughter’s 1st Birthday Party


Snow White themed Cupcakes




Gold Coin Chocolates


Apple Cuppies


Chocolate Spoons: didn’t come out as I wanted


Children are not that hard to please, so take it from me, anyone can easily pull a successful candy buffet. Here’s how to go about it.

Choose a theme for your buffet. Bear in mind that coordinated buffet items and candy colors look more beautiful than a random mismatch of different types of candy.

Be considerate of those with dietary concerns. Some dietary considerations should be taken into account when preparing the candy buffet as this might be bad for some people.

Things you might like to consider include:

  • Gluten-free candies for those with gluten intolerance.
  • Vegetarian candies (no gelatin, no animal derivatives, no dairy, etc.)
  • Sugar-free candies. Not everyone is a fan of sugar but most people still like sweetness. Look for a few sugar-free treats.

For health conscious crowd, Vita Cubes, from Rebisco Philippines, Incorporated, can be a perfect treat.

Vita Cubes on your Candy Buffet? A healthier alternative, for your regular gummy candies, indeed!

Vita Cubes are cube-shaped sugar-glazed candies that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, such as Lysine, Zinc,Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug Stores, and all leading Supermarkets nationwide.

Rebisco, the makers of Vita Cubes explains that this new product is “just what health conscious people have been craving for- a sweet, but healthy treat.” With Vita Cubes, candy lovers can finally enjoy sweet treats that is delicious without compromising their individual health concerns.
Vita Cubes Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is Php12.00 per 50g pack

Vita Cubes Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is Php12.00 per 50g pack

For those who think candies are only for kids or who cannot eat sugary treats, provide a few dried fruits and nuts, oatmeal cookies, and other fruity dessert alternative.

For candies that are provided specifically for certain dietary needs, be sure to label them so that all of the guests are aware.

Decorate your buffet table with balloons, ribbons, flowers, and small trinkets or other objects that fit in with your party theme. Consider adding a few photos of the celebrant along the table.

To add to its overall effect and at the same time help guests know what they’re choosing, put labels on the containers of candy, make it more interesting by naming each candy according to your party theme.

You may opt to create an interesting visual effect by placing the candy containers on different levels on the table. You can use books, bowls or other supports underneath the tablecloth to create this effect.

Candy Buffet Basics

  • Candies, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies
  • Glassware and other suitable containers
  • Tongs
  • Scoops
  • Paper bags
  • Takeout boxes (or ziplock plastic bags)
  • Balloons, flowers or buntings
  • Labels
  • Tablecloth

Lastly, always remember… you can’t have too much candy, so err on the side of more being better, so that no one miss out. And for all it’s worth, try Rebisco Vita Cubes because it’s a healthier alternative, and yes it’s yummy take it from me, not to mention very colorful and attractive to look at. There’s a “visual impact” you want to achieve as well, so splurge all you can; sometimes, just counting it by the numbers of guest may not leave an impressive enough display and you might need to add some more to ensure that the buffet looks picture perfect.

If in the end, you still think you cannot pull this through….. call me! I’d be very much willing to extend my service. Check out and like Handcrafted Confections my other page on facebook, my numbers, by the way, (0915) 1435691. #jnv

Why We Need Sunscreen on Rainy Days

We may not notice this, but we do get sunburns even on cloudy days if we spend time outdoors without a sun protection.


It’s because UV rays, not the temperature, do the damage. Clouds do not block UV rays, they filter them—and sometimes only slightly.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF), up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds.

Unprotected skin can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays in as little as 15 minutes. Yet it can take up to half a day for skin to show the full effect of sun exposure, meaning, if your skin looks ‘a little rosy’ today, it may be burned tomorrow morning.

So to my friends and readers who might have splurged from last season’s summer heat and got really tanned, I’m sorry to pop your bubble, but there’s no other way to say it—TANNED SKIN IS DAMAGED SKIN.

I have learned that any change in the color of your skin after time outside—whether sunburn or suntan—indicates damage from UV rays.

I do not mean this to sound like a scare campaign, but it’s always better to be in the knowing end.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that even a few serious sunburns can increase the risk of getting skin cancer in the future.
Its a long established fact, the US government has identified ultraviolet radiation (UVR) both from the sun and from tanning machines as a known cause of cancer in humans. UVR produces DNA damage that may lead to mutations (abnormalities) in genes involved in the development of skin cancer. Therefore, along with other sun safety strategies, sunscreens that absorb or block UVR serve an important protective function.

The SPFs in Sunscreen

Sunscreen is assigned a sun protection factor (SPF) number that rates their effectiveness in blocking UV rays. The higher the SPF numbers, the more protection.

The recommendation from CDC states that we should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with atleast SPF 15.

I have recently learned about Daylong Sunscreen from the makers of my ever-trusted brand when it comes to my baby’s hygiene management, Cetaphil.

Daylong Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ (P620)

A clinically-proven sun-care range that is meant to protect the skin daily from sun damage even at the cellular level. Galderma, the company behind Daylong, takes a scientific approach in evaluating the efficacy of sun protection and determining the effects of sun damage deep into the cellular level. Its protection goes deep, right down to the skin’s cells and DNA, and with coverage protecting us from different kinds of radiation – UVA, UVB and Infrared.

Daylong sunscreen is clinically proven to help protect against cell death and damage, DNA damage, cellular aging, and skin and tissue aging.

I have personally tried it, and for a month of using it now, I have noticed it also has that moisturizing effect that makes skin soft and smooth. The label says it contains Vitamin E which regenerates the skin. And I think this is very important to mommies like me who doesn’t have that luxury of time to stick to too many high-maintenance routines but still think skin care is a must. With Daylong keeping my skin moisturized and healthy looking, I can now do without my regular body lotion.

It is water resistant meaning I can swim all I want or get wet in the rain, it won’t matter, my skin is protected. It’s oil-free and surprisingly non-greasy, so it’s recommended even for oily skin like mine.

Daylong is free from fragrance and parabens, which is another big point! First and foremost, I love that it doesn’t smell like sunblock! Also, I find it really unnecessary to wear a lot of different fragrances all at the same time.

Last but definitely not the least, I love that it has a high SPF, I used to get only SPF15 in my previous sunscreen lotion. Now, with SPF50 I feel uber shielded! [*wink]

Will I recommend the use of Daylong?


Remember to take sun protection seriously and always keep your sunscreen handy— in your bag, in your car, as well as your baby’s bag. It will keep you protected from the harmful rays everyday, all-DAYLONG!!!

Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++ (P1,430)

Daylong is available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets. Just visit DAYLONG PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details. #jnv


Hot off the ‘Pizza Hut’ Oven

My all-time-favorite pizza place never cease to amaze me. It impressed me how through these years it has lived to its mantra, “Makin it Great!”

I grew up a pizza lover… a Pizza Hut lover at that, and have witnessed how it has evolved (and still evolving) from the original red white and black, classic wood and bricks interiors, to a modern-ish resto style.

I’ve seen Pizza Hut split into several different restaurant formats; the family-style dine-in locations; the Bistro; store front delivery and carry-out locations; and hybrid locations that have carry-out, delivery, and dine-in options.

I’ve continually patronized its products, and have pin-pointed my favorites and less favorite (which was phased-out anyway) among its entrees. I’ve witnessed Pizza Hut experiment with new dishes, discontinuing the less successful ones.

Through the years, I’ve watched Pizza Hut grow and evolve, still, keeping the same pizza goodness that I got accustomed to…That same trademark flavors that won my heart and the hearts of many pizza lovers. 

Admittedly, I have frequented a few custom-built pizza parlors and, being a wanna-be-baker, have as well personally tried a couple of times to simulate Pizza Hut recipe which resulted to some really delish stuffed-crust pizza, but still I can say, nothing comes close to the real thing!

Kidding aside, between trying to raise a good dough, hand-tossing it in the air (like i just don’t care) and intricately loading it with all my fave stuff…. I think it’s still easier to dial nine, one, one, one, one, one, one! Or better yet head on to the nearest “Red Roof” branch. You see that red hat like thing on top of the Pizza Hut logo? It’s not a hat, okay, it’s a red roof.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater is now open to serve you.

In its hope to continually “Make it Great!” Pizza Hut recently unveiled a new resto concept that is different from its traditional store type. Pizza Hut Kia Theater, located near Gateway Mall Araneta Center (in the former New Frontier theater now called Kia Theater), is a must-see, must-try resto, because of its expanded menu and a modern, slightly more upscale interior design.

“It is our 174th branch,” says Pizza Hut Area Manager, Nica Surete. “Instead of the traditional look, we opted to make this particular branch look more modern and upscale,” she adds.

Notably, though, only the look, taste, and feel, was leveled-up, the price remains the same, affordable and pretty much worth it.

“The menu is similar to a traditional Pizza Hut, except that new dishes were added, such as the stuffed Hungarian sausage, monster burger, pork steak barbecue, baby back ribs and chunky beef burrito to name a few,” Surete adds.

Take note, dear readers, that only this specific Pizza Hut Branch (at Kia Theater) offer a limited menu with many products not found at traditional Pizza Huts.

These are just some of the food offerings, get ready to…uhmmm…how should i say it ‘salivate’…

Clam Chowder Soup @Php149


Shrimp Mandarin Salad @ Php239


Stuffed Hungarian Sausage with Garlic Bread and Salsa


Roasted Tomato and Egg Burger @ Php 299


Pork Steak Barbecue @ Php299


Fruiti de Mare @ Php399


Surf & Turf with Fries @ Php575


Fresh Mushroom Carbonara @ Php229


Regular Supreme @ Php 279


Cucumber Smoothie

Pizza Hut Marketing Communications Manager, Gerald Grana elaborates “the restaurant is designed to cater to the most demanding customers who only wants nothing but the best with its good food, chic ambiance, warm lights and casual dining.”

A spacious view from the second floor

And true enough, The Kia Theater branch features a very well lit and ventilated space, an open bar, an open-style kitchen at the second floor where you can see the actual food preparations. Its two level spacious floors can accomodate more than 200 guests. It also has an enclosed function room which can cater to around 25-30 people, perfect for a mini-party or gathering as well as mini-conference, RTDs or meetings.   

the Ground floor Kitchen


the open-style kitchen @ the 2nd floor


a function room for 25-30 pax complete with LED TV


an open bar lounge


 The store opens as early as seven in the morning (closes before midnight), and yes they do serve breakfast meals that includes the all-time-pinoy favorite breakfast dishes tapa, longganisa, corned beef and eggs.
The branch also introduces wine and beverage pairing with a wide selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails, so, whether you are thinking of having your party soon, or a business meeting, or simply gather with family and friends over the world famous pizza crust, better check what Pizza Hut Kia Theater branch has to offer. I’m giving you just a sneak peek.    

table setting @ the 2nd floor overlooking a posh chandelier


the spacious ground floor dining area

My congratulations, to the management and staff of Pizza Hut Philippines, Incorporated in the successful opening of Pizza Hut Kia Theater branch and wishing the company good luck for the soon to open branches in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Tagaytay, NAIA. #jnv.   

a group-ie with the Pizza Hut Management Team

For updates visit and like Pizza Hut Philippines facebook page link:

Health Watch: A Second Look at Your Baby Wipes


Greenovation’s Organic Baby Wipes

Before you wipe your little one’s bum, you may want to check the label on those wipes you’re using. Fact is, some brands in the United States have recently been recalled, after USFDA discovered that some of the packaging may contain a type of bacteria that’s often antibiotic-resistant.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) a Microbial testing recently done revealed the presence of a bacteria called Burkholderia cepacia, which poses little risk to healthy people but may cause infection in those with weakened immune systems.

So, why risk it? Always review the labels.

I have learned to trust my instincts as a mother after personally observing that most of the products that are available in the market now are not hypo-allergenics, particularly those baby wipes. Most of which even have very strong alcohol scents that may be harmful especially to baby’s skin. In my experience, some of those I’ve used in the past even aggravates diaper rashes instead of helping them heal. I refrained from buying these products for a time thinking it could have harmful effects on my baby’s skin in the long run.

Thank God there’s a new product in the market now that answers my doubts about the use of baby wipes. With Greenovation’s Organic Baby Wipes, the wipes are scented with aloe vera and gentle to use since it has no alcohol, no paraben, no chlorine and no harsh chemicals.

no alcohol, no paraben, no chlorine and no harsh chemicals.

I was privileged to interview one of Greenovation’s owners Charla Tan.
Tan, together with her siblings, started introducing Greenovation’s Organic Baby Wipes to the market last year. This, after getting inspiration from her day-to-day experience being a mother herself.

“I am also a mother of 2 kids. When i had my 1st, there was no wipes available in the market that would meet my “needs.” So I resorted to buying my wipes abroad. It wasn’t really convenient. As we are in the business of distributing baby products, we thought of why not just import the wipes,” Tan explains.

Initially, she says they were talking to several brands and bringing wipes from abroad in. But they found it either too expensive or non-viable.

“It wouldn’t meet our “demands.” So we decided to come up with our own wipes, our own brand- hence the Organic Baby Wipes. The formulation as well the composition of the wipes were all scrutinized by my team. Being a mom, I just had to make sure these wipes could be used by my own babies,” Tan adds.

When asked about what their product is made of, Tan elaborates: “the basic components is water and organic aloe vera. Most wipes available are either with alcohol, or those w/o alcohol have paraben (which is bad for babies). Also, the “cleaning agents” are usually chemical based. We wanted Organic Baby wipes to be plant based, less chemicals.”

“We plan to position the product as organic that is affordable to all moms. Every mom should have a chance of giving the best to their babies,” she adds.

Currently, their company is in the process of having it certified by BFAD. Documents have already been submitted, and are just awaiting for feedback.

To be fair, I have asked some mothers to sample the product and give their honest-to-goodness opinion about their experience with the product. Here’s what three other supermoms say about Organic Baby Wipes..


Angel Bote (a first time mompreneur to 1yr and 3 months old Lucas)

My son Lucas and I liked the Organic Baby Wipes right away. It is soft in the skin, it is thick yet it doesn’t easily wear out after use. And I like the refreshing scent of aloe vera in my baby after a day long of playtime. And since it’s organic and alcohol-free and has no chlorine and paraben I’m pretty sure that it’s safe for my family especially for our little one.
The packaging is very light and it fits well on our on-the-go baby bag, perfect for a quick tour in the mall or a day trip visit to his cousins.
-Angel Bote (a first time mompreneur to 1yr and 3 months old Lucas)


Lea Andrea Tolentino (a full time mommy to sons Jake and 2yr old Jaden)

Like na like ko! (I like it so much!) Di lng para kay baby para din sa akin (Not only for my baby but for me as well). Love the smell and dahil organic sya much better sya talaga sa ibang brand (I love the smell, and because it is organic it’s much better than than the other brands).
-Lea Andrea Tolentino (a full time mommy to sons Jake and 2yr old Jaden)


Vanessa Jopillo (Entrepreneur and mommy to 2 year old Sabina)

We like the wipes very much. Its texture is really soft and the scent is very subtle and mild. I do not like the unscented ones and neither the ones with very strong scents. This organic baby wipes is just right. It doesn’t wear-off easily when you wipe off your baby’s bum or any other parts at that.
-Vanessa Jopillo (Entrepreneur and mommy to 2 year old Sabina)

Lastly, here’s my personal take on the product: What I love most about Organic Baby Wipes is its fragrance and its being gentle to my baby’s skin. After days of using it, I noticed that it has some kind of a moisturizing effect enough to keep my baby’s sensitive areas look naturally hydrated but dry. Perhaps it’s because the wipes are infused with organic aloe vera, known for its anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it contains no harsh chemicals and are hypoallergenic. I also appreciate its being nature friendly. Especially nowadays, when environmental issues are being raised about wet tissues being one of the major culprits why drainages get clogged. Being 100% biodegradable, will definitely help minimize such environmental issues. With this, I deeply encourage my readers to support environment friendly products like this one.

Organic Baby Wipes are available at the following shops:

80wipes- P89.75
20wipes- P32.75
30wipes (xl)- P68.75

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Rainy Day Treat

A gloomy weather can sometimes ruin even the cheeriest moods. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or do we all get that boredom blues and sudden urge to go outside as soon as it starts raining? In my case, that sudden desperation to go camping? hehehe!

One of the best ways to keep our minds preoccupied during such days is to try making some comfort food or anything that you’ve been wanting to cook. You can check your pantry for available ingredients, and take it from there.

I found the perfect rainy day treat that my daughter would love… 

A hot chocolate made the old-fashioned way is perfect to match with a yummy gooey pretzel s’mores (just because i don’t have graham crackers). 

Pretzel S’mores


S’mores with a (Pretzel) Twist!


mini- marshmallows 

chocolate (buttons or bars)


I used mini-marshmallows because it’s the more manageable size.     

Put 3 marshmallows on your pretzel, add 2 chocolate buttons (I used goya milk chocolate) and then bake in your oven toaster for about 10 seconds. The marshmallows easily roast up so do not walk away – mine took less than ten seconds. Pull them out right away, put the second pretzel on top but be very cautious since it is still too hot it could burn your skin. 


Gimme some s’mores!

I have a little trivia for you. Did you know that S’mores is an abbreviation for ‘some more’ which some girls scouts from the 1920’s used to chant around the campfire?

Hot Chocolea


hot chocolatey in my olaf mug

a cup of water

3 pcs coco tablea

fresh milk



Bring the water to a boil. Add tablea and start mixing with a wooden spoon until it is completely dissolved. 

Add 1/4 cup fresh milk (depending on your desired creaminess).

Pour your hot choco in a cup or mug and add a tablespoon of sugar (again, depending on your desired level of sweetness)

Add marshmallows and Voila! You got yourself a chocolate treat!

So who needs to go out camping if you can have this right at the comfort of your own bedroom? Drizzle all you want! #jnv

An Out of the Box Coffee Experience (Giveaway Alert!)

Regram or Share this photo on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win the raffle promo.

Regram or Share this photo on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win the raffle promo.

Imagine having a cup of tea and your favorite artisan cake in a cozy setting surrounded with colorful wooden totem poles, surfing boards, flowers, puka shells, luau inspired drapes and curtains, handwoven loin fabric pillows, hanging mason jar lights, tiki torches, double decker wooden nooks with beautiful beach scenery posters as background, and within its compact space, more than a dozen of colorful ukuleles hanging on its walls, to top it all a super chill, laid-back acoustic background music playing…  
I can almost hear the sound of the ocean waves, and feel the tropical Hawaiian breeze… Except that, SNAP! SNAP! I was not anywhere near a tropical island, ironically, i am somewhere at the center of the metropolis.

Right along the busy road of C5, just a few blocks away from Eastwood Center in Libis, is one of, I must say, the coolest, most unique theme cafe that I’ve ever been to, UKE BOX CAFFE! (pronounced as ‘yuk’) A place dedicated for the love of ukulele, music and, well, coffee.

Didn’t I just find my new happy place?!

The shop, which opened its doors only last May 2, was born out of a collaborative effort between girl friends and young entrepreneurs: Michelle See, Celina Baraoidan and Apple Alegro, who all agreed in putting up a place where music lovers (or not) can simply chill and relax while sipping a cup of coffee; listen to fine acoustic music or jam with uke players and enthusiasts.

Why Uke? Recently this four-stringed instrument has seen quite a bit of a revival and is becoming a staple among Pinoys. “Some kids nowadays have it in school. The schools are using it to teach concepts and music theory to kids in ways that are less complicated,” says Alegro.

The customers that UKE BOX CAFFE attracts is exactly what they had hoped for according to Alegro. “The way we have set up this cafe is all under the idea that we want to represent the diverse group of uke enthusiasts. And we hope to encourage more people to appreciate the simplicity of the instrument. That’s why we welcome everyone to either play and jam with us, learn or simply hang out and try our artisan coffee and other offerings” she says.

A few months after officially opening, UKE BOX CAFFE has managed to establish their crowd, with a group of people taking ukulele lessons. During the week the shop sees a steady flow of customers as well. “It’s a pretty diverse crowd,” says Alegro. “There are a lot of students and yuppies that come in because of our proximity to schools,” she adds. The shop holds Open Mic Nights, where musicians, singers and wanna be singers can simply jam and enjoy.

Uke Box Caffe offers Cebu’s fine handcrafted Ukulele- branded Huni, made from the finest woods available at a price that is still affordable to the average enthusiast. Depending on the type, the ukulele price range from Php3,500- P4,000. Their ukes are all Filipino-made and of high quality and playability making the joy of music more accessible to music lovers of all ages.

Wait. Did I mention that they also rent out some of their Ukes? Yes they do. As part of their vision to promote Ukulele, the girls opened the shop to uke players wanna bes who just want to explore first. “Some people buy the instrument right away, without knowing if they’re gonna love it. We thought by renting out some of our units, we can give them “the feel” first before they jump into buying one,” says Alegro. Uke rentals are at 100/hour, and anyone can have free Ukulele Lessons on the management’s prescribed dates and schedules.


 Personally, I fell in love with UKE BOX CAFFE’S whole concept, combining the simplicity of uke acoustic music with a coffee shop, in a tropical island feel. And the food that they serve are excellent as well. They hired some pretty good chef and baristas, and their staff are all friendly and very attentive to the customers needs. The idea of promoting UKULELE especially to the younger generations while at the same time creating a wholesome venue for uke enthusiasts to gather, jam, and enjoy their music is just impressive… indeed a concept out of the (uke) box.

UKE BOX CAFFE is located at 2/F Village Center, 187 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave (formerly Libis), Quezon City. You may call for reservation at +63 2 3747467. The store is open Mon-Thur 9am-12am. Fri & Sat 9am-1am, Sun 12pm-9pm.

Here’s a good news, dear readers. Because we’re turning 2 this month, we’re giving away a special prize! You can win one of Uke Box Caffe’s Huni Ukuleles by simply joining my anniversary raffle promo. It’s very easy. Just click the link below, follow and complete the mechanics to qualify for the contest. Please don’t forget to leave your name and email address at the comment box below. This promo will run until August 7, 2015. Thank you and good luck!