Our Staff

Hostinger employs only great people. We love helping people!

This is our Hostinger staff. Hostinger is a unique workplace, since we all work remotely from the comfort of our homes. We are located in many different countries and time zones, so we can make sure that your websites are available 24 hours per day. We all work together as one team!
Alec Harald was only eight when he fell in love with the Internet. Although he is the youngest member of the team, he’s got his own company. On the weekends, he puts his attention toward politics.
Alec H.
Alyona graduated from a technical university and joined Hostinger’s team in 2013. Anything that deals with networking and programming is what she has a real interest in. She’s the kind of person who likes exact sciences.
Alyona S.
Aleksandr is a walking proof that once you get sucked into the IT world, you'll never leave. 15 years worth of IT work, and now a career in Support - only traveling and swimming can drag him aways from the computer.
Alex A.
Working in hosting industry since 2009 makes Alexandr experienced, yet still very enthusiastic. Apart from helping everyone around, he enjoys good music, playing billiards and exploring the field of psychology.
Alexandr G.
He joined Hostinger in August 2012, but with more than 3 years of experience as the support staff, Alexander has a knack for fixing things. Well, unless he's out fishing or reading fantasy stories... or both.
Alexander G.
Ananda earned his Geek badge by graduating from technology college, but his error-solving heart has also opened for the non-geeky stuff, like martial arts, hiking, and Korean ballad and drama.
Ananda P.
Andre has one particular feature that makes his stand out – he never quits smiling! He’s extremely passionate and energetic about computers and life. Everything he loves can be found at his Hostinger job.
Andre R.
Although Arnas is a Law School graduate, when he fell in love with the Internet there was no turning back. Now at the core of Hostinger community, he also enjoys mountains, books, and marathons.
Arnas S.
Good-natured, easy-going Arthur has been a fan of virtual world since he was a child. He spends his spare time with his family, attending surfing events and listening to music.
Arthur S.
Beny repeatedly states he thinks coding is the most interesting thing. However, he also enjoys parkour and traveling to new places.
Beny A.
Chikara isn’t like other geeks. He’s lived on three continents and always prefers the mountains, ocean and blue sky. When he’s not working, Chikara loves to hike, sail and paraglide.
Chikara W.
Dadang earned his Economy Science degree from Indonesia but spends his time working with coding. In his spare time, he’s always looking for new places to see, or reading books or watching movies.
Dadang H.
Proactive Dario is a current System Engineering student who loves technology and the Internet. Away from computers and helping others, he is an avid snowboarder, music lover and bass player with dreams of traveling the world.
Dario S.
Dika, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Technologies, has made computers and anything web development his passion. When not working, he travels to new places to explore the area.
Dika A.
Diogo has a Bachelor’s degree from one of Brazil’s top colleges. A complete nerd, Diogo is a total enthusiast for new technology. He’s also the type of person who loves big toys such as trains.
Diogo T.
Electric & Electronic engineering student secretly planning a worldwide open source revolution. Technology and Internet are Egehan's major loves, but he also enjoys learning languages and exploring new places.
Egehan D.
Erika graduated with an electronic engineer degree. She has extensive knowledge in web development, programming and other IT-related topics. For her spare time, Erika spends time traveling Bolivia or watching movies.
Erika A.
Between his work in telecommunication and mobile app making, Eungshik learned well how to get the message across - a good support trait, right? Away from work, you can find him watching movies or going up&down; the mountains.
Eungshik K.
Fadhel is a current university student, who loves to assist people who are dealing with any type of website-related problems. The one thing that will drag him away from a computer is his love for photography.
Fadhel O.
Filip holds a Master’s degree in technology, spending four years freelancing in IT support and web development. He’s readily prepared for questions or problems the support staff faces. The more work Filip has, the more fun he has.
Filip Z.
Electronics Engineer, passionate about reading, writing and partyrocking. Loves the Web as much as helping others get into it; that's where he gets to meet new people and cultures. Has a secret weakness: 9gag :)
Francisco R.
From Administration and HR department comes Gintare, who is a part of our HQ team. Although very nice in every day life, she turns into a fierce competitor upon contact with basketball - she might scream at you in German.
Gintare G.
Although he is studying Electronics, Gürcan tends to neglect his uni duties in favour of exploring the IT field on his own. Apart from coding, he likes to draw and read fantasy - always with some good music on.
Gürcan G.
Those glasses say it all: Hai is a happy geek inside out. He divides his passion between classical literature and technology, but have no fear - with his experienced guidance in the world of hosting, thou shalt be safe!
Hai G.
Hans, a passionate IT student, ran his own hosting company for two years but decided he wanted to be a part of a team. When not working, he enjoys the arts – music, photography and websites.
Hans A.
Heiko, a true nerd with a good sense of humor, enjoys anything related to computers and the outdoors. He’s hardly without his laptop and doesn’t mind learning and trying new things.
Heiko H.
Inga loves modern technologies, was a high school IT teacher before joining the Hostinger team. She’s not one to give negative answers when it comes to crazy challenges, thought-provoking books and great movies.
Inga B.
27-year-old Ionut is a computer geek living in Bucharest, who enjoys his science and technology-filled life. In his time away from work, he spends time snowboarding, ice skating and riding his BMX.
Ionut I.
For five years Ismail has been gaining experience in IT support and web development by freelancing, and now studying Maintenance and IT Support and Networks. He likes programming, designing or simply giving easy-to-understand IT support.
Ismail B.
Ivan has real interest in everything Internet related. He has gained much of his knowledge and experienced by working with different IT companies. When he’s not working, he’s playing in a rock band and listening to music.
Ivan P.
Jiri’s main interest is in IT technologies, but he’s also an enthusiast for 3D printing and enjoys working with professionals. Jiri lives in the Czech Republic and is an active player in the sports of floorball and hockey.
Jiri K.
Jolanta's background is in tourism and hotel management, but she's currently devoting her time and abilities to office administration at our main office. She's always up for something new, but one thing stays: dance.
Jolanta N.
Jose has always had a hunkering for computers and technology, which is why he works in the IT field (more specifically, user experience and web development). While technology is his main love, he also loves good music.
Jose N.
Kasper is still enrolled in school but has extensive IT knowledge – programming and supporting for example. He’s also a radio amateur and loves to challenge himself in trying new things, regardless of what they are.
Kasper O.
Electrical engineering student Kevin is interested in big data analytics and cloud computing. He came to Hostinger not too long ago and spends much of his time on Hostinger China. He takes great pride in learning and doing all kinds of work.
Kevin Z.
Linards began his IT journey at a young age. He’s always looking to try new things, never fearing adventures or challenges. He’s a big fan of music, auto sports and computers. Linards is the ultimate geek.
Linards B.
Linas unlocks all "first" achievements available: he started his IT adventure with the first mass produced computers - Amiga and Atari; and years later he was in the first team that started Hostinger. And his other first choice? Sports!
Linas M.
Easy-going Marcell has wonderful problem-solving skills. When not solving issues, he can be found drawing, playing games or hanging with friends. He’s the kind of person who loves to party.
Marcell C.
Matias is currently studying to become a System Engineer. His passion for technology led him to apply for and work with Hostinger. Easy-going Matias is extremely creative, always designing web pages and drawing.
Matias C.
With Master's degree in technology and work experience in companies like HP and Toyota, Mong definitely has it all covered. When on break from support duties, he travels all over Thailand with his faithful football.
Mongkhol N.
Reza is the type of person who loves learning, helping others and thinks nothing else is more generous or interesting. He’s the person that won’t change his mind about something as long as he doesn’t find anything else.
Muhammad R.
Fascinated by web and IT world, independent webmaster for several years, activist for a 100% Open Source World, Nacim joined Hostinger to do what he loves: share with others. He enjoys reading and discovering new horizons.
Nacim C.
The mix of Nico's insatiable curiosity and passion for computers makes him a pretty strong player in the IT field. The only thing that can rival his technology drive is his huge love for good music.
Nicola M.
Panagiotis is working toward his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. He’s got a real passion for programming and spends much of his time on coding and support duties while living on a beautiful island.
Panagiotis P.
Peter is a current student, studying Information Technology and Programming. He’s no stranger to web hosting, as he previously worked in the industry for four years. His spare time consists of watching movies and going on trips.
Peter K.
One of Saulo’s favorite pursuits is the IT technologies. He loves to go sailing, road cycling and traveling. His dream is to use two wheels to travel the world. The Hostinger team is looking forward to working with him.
Saulo V.
Ade is a programmer that is curious about learning and trying new things. He has a real hunkering for driving, traveling and music. Therefore, any sort of routine would torment Ade greatly.
Syah P.
Tomer’s vast amount of knowledge was obtained via the Internet and reading various guides. He spends his time now writing articles, creating websites and doing Hostinger support. In his free time, he loves to play the guitar.
Tomer S.
Wayan graduated from Sebelas Maret University in Indonesia, and joined Hostinger in 2011. He enjoys the Web 2.0 goodies by blogging and likes good music (with a soft spot for Guns N' Roses).
Wayan C.
Indonesian tech Waranugraha describes himself as a geek, always sharing the news of his graduation from a respectable IT college. He continually learns and works on all kinds of things, watches movies and has a thing for eating.
Waranugraha Y.
Wanto biggest passion is hiking the woods and taking in nature’s beauty. Although he is a romantic soul, he is a total geek like the rest of the Hostinger team members.
Lia’s passion for computers started when she was a senior in high school. And, with her joining of the Hostinger team, she’s been challenged to learn even more about IT. However, in Lia’s spare time she will swim and cycle.
Yuliana I.
Lianwei is enrolled in a university to learn software engineering. He has more than three years of server managing experience and loves the Internet. Lianwei enjoys helping others, ensuring that they are happy.
Zhang L.