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As of January 27th, 2013 Visa MasterCard will allow merchants in outside States to pass along their payment processing costs to consumers who pay with a credit card. Read more here >>

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Mailing Address for Credit Card Payments

AmeriCU Credit Card Payments
PO Box 37603
Philadelphia, PA 19101-0603 

AmeriCU Credit Card Overnight Payments

Payment Processing
560 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg, FL 33716 

24-hour Hotlines

Lost/Stolen Reporting 800.449.7728
Customer Service 800.654.7728
Auto Rental Insurance Information 800.847.2911
Balance Consolidation 800.654.7728
CU Rewards Information 800.637.7728
AmeriCU Call Center 800.388.2000 

How AmeriCU Calculates Your Balance

AmeriCU uses a method called “average daily balance"; however, we exclude new purchases.  The Average Daily Balance is one of the three most common methods that credit card issuers use to calculate the amount of interest charged on a credit card balance. AmeriCU adds your balance for each day and then divides it by the number of days in the month to determine your interest. For example, let's say that for each day from January 1st through January 15th, you make a $10 purchase. Then, on January 16th, you make a $1,000 purchase. You make no more purchases for that month. Your average daily balance would be $38.33 for the month of January. That amount is then multiplied by a constant factor (based on your Annual Percentage Rate) to determine your interest charge.

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