Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Relationship Program?

Our internal processing system will automatically qualify Member accounts for the appropriate service level. To be placed into a level other than "Core, in addition to the aggregate balance and services criteria, your account must be in good standing. Your account must also remain in good standing to receive the rewards and benefits applicable to your current level. ("Good standing" means that you do not have any delinquent loans, negative balances or any other negative situations on your account).

How are the balances on savings and checking accounts determined?
  • Average daily balance of all shares
  • Quarter end balances of all loans
  • Quarter end balances of all mortgages
  • Quarter end balances of all credit cards
  • Quarter end balances of all investments
Is my level determined by combining all my deposit and loan balances on multiple accounts?

No. The appropriate service level is determined per individual account number. If a Member has multiple prime accounts, each account's level will be determined separately.

What happens when my account balance falls below the minimum for the current level?

The aggregate balances are determined by the balances of the previous quarter. So, if an account falls below the total balance level for a day, a week, etc. your level will not be immediately affected. However, if the aggregate balance is below the minimum requirement for the current level at the time of the system update, the account will move down to the appropriate level.

Do first mortgages contribute to the total account balance?

Yes. The products contributing to the total account balances are: savings, checking, money market savings, certificates, auto loans, signature loans and mortgage loans including home equity loans and lines of credit and first mortgages. Investments handled through AmeriCU Services LLC will also be included.

What kinds of loans are eligible for the loan discount at the Flex, Connect, ConnectPlus and Partner levels?

The loan discount applies to all loans with automatic payment (payroll distribution, auto transfer or ACH origination), except New & Used Marine/RV, Indirect, HELOC, Share & CD Secured, VIP LOC and Credit Card loans. The mortgage rate discount applies to Adjustable Rate and Conventional Mortgages (some restrictions apply) with automatic payment (payroll distribution, auto transfer or ACH origination).

  • Flex & Connect Levels will receive a discount of -.10%.
  • ConnectPlus Level will receive a discount of -.25%.
  • Partner Level will receive a discount of -.25% on select Mortgage products and -.50% on all other eligible loan types.
What are the ATM Rebates allowed for each level?

Connect Level will receive up to $8 per month in ATM Rebates, ConnectPlus Level will receive up to $10, Partner Level will receive up to $15 and the Flex Level will receive up to $10. The Core Level is not entitled to any ATM Rebates.

What ATM fees will be rebated?

The MemberPlus Program will rebate both AmeriCU and foreign ATM fees.

Where will my ATM Rebate be deposited?

The ATM rebate is deposited into the Prime Share; it is aggregated among all shares within the account (if multiple checking, etc) and put into the Prime Share - it is not deposited into the share that the ATM fee was charged from.

What level will receive the CD Rate Enhancement?

Connect & Flex levels will receive a +.05% rate enhancement on certificates of deposit. ConnectPlus level will receive +.10% and the Partner level will receive +.15%.

What if my Member level changes before my CD matures?

The dividend rate will be in effect until the maturity date of the certificate unless products or services that are required to obtain an enhanced rate are not maintained. If this occurs, the rate will revert to the standard rate that was in effect at the time of opening. The standard rate will then continue through the certificate maturity even if products and services required for the enhanced rate are started again. If applicable, the certificate will reflect the standard rate on the 1st day of the month following the month when the services were discontinued.

For which transactions will I be charged as Flex Member?

If you are a Flex Member, you will pay $1 per transaction for every Member call center or Financial Center Member Service Specialist transaction of which you can handle yourself through our many electronic outlets: telephone banking, online banking, ATM and self-service kiosks. Any transaction that cannot be fully processed through these channels may be handled through the Member call center or Financial Center Member Service Specialist at no charge.

As a Flex Member, you will be entitled to write 10 free checks per month with an additional $1 fee per item after that.

What level do new Memberships qualify for?

Because there are no average balances for the previous quarter for new Members, all new Memberships will automatically qualify for the Core level and will be assigned the applicable level at the next quarterly update.

How will I know what level am currently in?

Your monthly statement will display your current MemberPlus Relationship Level.


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