The Latest in 80s Music
Rob Fisher and Pete Byrne of British synth pop group Naked Eyes. - Photo Courtesy of EMI America
English Duo Naked Eyes Showed Promise but Remains Early '80s Artifact
English synth pop duo Naked Eyes enjoyed a short-lived period of early-'80s success on the strength of a pair of memorable 1983 American hit singles.
Album Cover for Don Henley's 1982 LP 'I Can't Stand Still' - Album Cover Image Courtesy of Asylum
Not the Only Eagle to Build a Solo Career, Don Henley Was the Most Successful
Of the former Eagles who launched solo careers following that '70s band's dissolution, drummer and singer-songwriter Don Henley immediately forged ahead in terms of success.
 - Peter Still/Redferns/Getty Images
Best of the Later, Pop-Flavored Version of British Hard Rock Band Rainbow
Rainbow wasn't around all that long during the '80s, but for a few years this band delivered some of the most satisfying melodic hard rock music of the era.
 - Compilation Album Cover Image Courtesy of BMG
Former Raspberries Member Eric Carmen Enjoyed '80s Soft Rock Resurgence
American singer-songwriter Eric Carmen enjoyed three distinct periods of pop music success, including a late-'80s solo comeback of consequence.
 - Compilation Album Cover Image Courtesy of EMI/Disky
England's Talk Talk Brought Majesty and Beauty to Its '80s Synth Pop Output
English synth pop band Talk Talk refused to stand pat with a sound that generated pop success, later moving toward an unabashedly experimental sound instead.
 - Paul Natkin/Getty Images
During Much of the '80s, DeBarge Functioned as Detroit Music Royalty
DeBarge was a successful '80s pop music group that took advantage of one of Detroit's largest and most talented musical families of the past half-century.
 - David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images
Level 42 One of Several Smooth English Pop Bands to Define the '80s
Level 42 created a wide array of smooth, jazz-influenced pop music throughout the '80s, serving as one of many similarly eclectic British bands of the era.
 - Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Katrina and the Waves Worked to Create '80s Pop Music Sunshine
Katrina and the Waves tend to be known for one major hit single, but the band has a long, interesting rock and roll history worth considering.
 - David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images
Cutting Crew Didn't Rock Very Hard but Produced Some Fine '80s Pop Rock
British band Cutting Crew generated very little respect among rock music fans during its mid to late '80s run, but the group cut a couple of classic singles.
 - Mick Hutson/Redferns/Getty Images
Despite Glossy Hair Metal Image, Swedish Band Europe Built Solid '80s Career
Europe rarely seemed heavy enough to be labeled truly hard rock, but the band built a consistent '80s catalogue of soaring, melodic pop metal.
 - Peter Noble/Redferns/Getty Images
Siouxsie and the Banshees Linked Punk and Post-Punk Eras with Fine '80s Career
Siouxsie and the Banshees built a solid '80s career as an experimental, highly changeable post-punk outfit that served as a vital link between punk and alternative.
 - Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Norwegian Synth Pop and New Wave Band a-ha No Mere One-Hit Wonder
A-ha seemed to many American music fans to be a fleeting European import during an age of synthetic pop. However, the Norwegian group is actually much more.
 - Bob Riha Jr/WireImage/Getty Images
Jermaine Jackson Doubly Overshadowed During the '80s by More Famous Siblings
One of the unsung musical members of the famous Jackson family, Jermaine Jackson nevertheless built a reputable '70s and '80s solo career.
 - Mike Cameron/Redferns/Getty Images
Live Aid United Pop/Rock Music Artists for Iconic '80s Benefit Concert
1985's Live Aid brought '80s charity activism to the masses and is still remembered as one of the largest and most iconic benefit concerts of all time.
 - Ebet Roberts/Redferns/Getty Images
Brother Connection of Gene Loves Jezebel Made Memorable Alternative Rock
England's Gene Loves Jezebel were one of the era's finest bands that dared combining arena rock hooks with Goth rock and pioneering alternative impulses.