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You are a bigger target for attacks than you know.

If you think your company will not catch a cybercriminal’s eye, think again.

The information you may have on your business partners, particularly larger organisations, makes your company a bigger target for attacks than you think. To attackers, growing businesses are seen as easier targets and convenient gateways to confidential information belonging to larger companies.

However, what is at risk here is more than just loss of information. Your reputation and relationships with other businesses, as well as your revenue, are also at stake. No organisation would do business with a high-risk partner who could jeopardise its own security.

What could make you the business others would avoid?

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How you could be putting your information—and reputation—in danger.

There are two common ways your business could become the weakest security link in your business relationships:

1 Spear-phishing attacks


Your employee receives an email that requires him or her to log into a file-sharing website. However, the website is bogus.

The website then requests for the employee’s user name and password, which is then used to uncover your confidential information—and your business partners’.

Spear-phishing attacks are very specialised and include social engineering tactics that are targeted towards employees, not just top corporate officers. In 2014, it is reported that 59 percent of such attacks were targeted towards small and medium-size businesses.Symantec, Internet Security Threat Report 2015: Volume 20, April 2015

2 Zero-day vulnerability attacks


Your security solution failed to detect an attack, which had evaded detection and stole your business partners’ confidential information.

Zero-day attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities that vendors have not released a security patch for. In 2014, there were 24 known zero-day vulnerabilities.1

Hackers usually exploit these unknown vulnerabilities in emails or on websites, which leave zero time between attack and discovery of the vulnerabilities.

Are you the weakest link in your business relationships?

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Protect your relationships and reputation.

Don’t become a business that other businesses will avoid. With small businesses gradually taking centre stage for targeted attacks, it is time to consider a different security approach. An effective approach is one that:

  1. Offers holistic, powerful security that goes beyond antivirus/antispam
  2. Features multiple layers of protection that helps ensure your endpoints, network gateways, and data centres stay protected
  3. Stops even unknown threats with global intelligence that can offer detailed and predictive analysis

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Comprehensive and layered security.

Symantec offers a broad range of security solutions that can tackle today’s multi-faceted and ever-evolving threats, while helping ensure protection at the endpoints, gateways and data centres.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection goes beyond traditional protection, detecting and removing more threats than ever before. It offers:

  • Layered protection that is effective against targeted attacks
  • Up-to-date security intelligence on the latest threats
  • Easy-to-manage security that can be deployed quickly

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Symantec Email

Backed by aggressive SLAs, Email secures mailboxes with unified policies, controls and protection. It provides:

  • 100 percentDesigned to provide 100% protection from known and unknown viruses as defined in the SLA. protection against known and unknown email viruses
  • Identification of malware hidden in legitimate Web links to fight spear-phishing attacks

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Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced

Data Center Security: Server Advanced provides comprehensive and stringent security controls for the servers to help businesses meet security and compliance requirements. It offers:

  • Server hardening for physical and virtual environments to protect against zero-day and targeted attacks
  • Granular server policies that regulate application behaviour

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* Resource kit contains:

  •  Report: 2015 Internet Security Threat Report Volume 20
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  •  Infographic: Path of a Cyber Attacker and the Cost of Stolen Data on the Underground Market
  •  Datasheet: Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12.1.5
  •  Datasheet: Symantec™ Email
  •  Datasheet: Symantec™ Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.5

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Discover the means to securing your revenue, reputation and business relationships.

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