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We have had a very bad problem with spammers using robot programs or low-cost laborers to create multiple accounts for spamming. Please identify your connection to the living history community, or other reason for requesting an account. The explanation does not need to be detailed or provide personal contact info -- just tell us enough so that we know you are a real person and not a spambot. Thinking about your persona or your SCA locale or your historical interest will suggest some things that you can say, that spammers would not know how to do. PLEASE NOTE: Spambots can put in things like "nice web site" or "this history info is interesting" -- please give us more to look at than this, although you needn't write a long essay.

Here are some examples of responses that are too vague for approval:

  • "To comment on articles."
    Thousands of web sites require login in order to comment, so spambots routinely generate responses like this.
  • "To keep up with the latest news."
    This would apply just as much to modern-world news outlets as it does to ours. Again, spambots routinely generate this as random text.
  • "Because I am intersted in the topic."
    Of course. And if our topic happened to be microprocessors or the latest Paris fashions, this generic response would be just as appropos.
  • "For advertising."
    Merchants take note: It is perfectly okay to apply for an account here so you can contribute a "weblink" to your business site -- but we carefully "jury" merchant links to keep them on-topic. If you are applying for an account so you can add your merchant link, please tell us in this field a sentence or two about the nature of your business, so we know you're on-topic for us and can expedite approval of your account.

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