Fare Review Taskforce Terms of Reference



The taskforce will be convened to undertake a review of the existing fare structure for public transport in South East Queensland. The review will form the basis of a new fare path strategy that promotes fairness, addresses affordability, and promotes patronage growth.

The aim of the review is to take a holistic view of the existing fare structure and provide options that increase patronage, ensure value for money for both users and government, reduce revenue leakage, simplify the network and continue to encourage take-up of go cards.

The current ticketing system is nearing the end of its planned life and, as such, some initiatives will not be possible using the existing technology. The taskforce may therefore recommend options to be considered as part of the development of the next generation ticketing system.



Mr Neil Cagney, Chairman, MRCagney (Chair)

Mr Neil Scales, Director-General, Department of Transport and Main Roads

Mr Jarrett Walker, Consultant, Jarrett Walker and Associates

Mr Robert Dow, Administrator, Rail Back on Track

Ms Sharon Boyce, Chair, Queensland Disability Advisory Council

Mr Mark Tucker-Evans, Chief Executive, COTA Queensland

Mr Trent Zimmerman, Deputy Chief Executive, Tourism and Transport Forum

Dr Matthew Burke, Associate Professor, Griffith University


Scope and Function

Members of the taskforce will apply their expertise to:

  • review the existing fare structure in South East Queensland in relation to meeting the government's objectives of promoting fairness, affordability and patronage growth.
  • consider potential fare and ticketing initiatives; quantify their financial and budgetary implications; consider the strategic impact of each option and recommend a package of options consistent with the government’s objectives.

The following must be considered:

  • patronage growth
  • benefits to individuals, community and economy
  • cost to individuals and Government subsidy impacts
  • implications for the existing network in terms of changing usage patterns
  • implications for land-use and employment patterns
  • ability to implement changes with existing ticketing system technology and timeframe limitations.

The scope includes consideration of:

  • products, ticket types including concession classes
  • zonal structure including zonal anomalies network utilisation
  • existing travel discount schemes future indexation of fares
  • administration and/or system simplification.

Items that are out of scope for this review include:

  • removing paper tickets
  • requiring additional transport services
  • broad discounting across all ticket types, without consideration of further structural reforms
  • changing eligibility of existing state and federal concessions
  • altering specific purpose products for other uses

The taskforce will develop a detailed options paper for public engagement.

Following on from public engagement, recommendations will be submitted to government.