Best Friends Partnership

Asheville Humane Society Selected to Partner with Nationally Recognized Best Friends Animal Society in No More Homeless Pets® Network

Asheville Humane Society has been selected to join and is now an active partner of Best Friends Animal Society’s No More Homeless Pets® Network. This national organization offers resources and support to local animal rescue groups and shelters that work tirelessly to save and enrich animal lives in their communities.

Asheville Humane Society operates the only open-admission facility in Buncombe County. Unlike most private animal welfare organizations, as an open-admission facility the Buncombe County Animal Shelter admits every animal who comes through our doors regardless of condition and space constraints. We are the only animal welfare organization in Buncombe County dedicated to local, Buncombe County animals 100% of the time. 

Asheville Humane Society’s lifesaving programs and services are nationally recognized. In the last year we saved the lives of more than 4,500 animals through various programs designed to help not just animals in need, but also Buncombe County residents needing assistance. Of these, we:

•  Reunited nearly 1,000 lost pets to worried families and achieved one of the highest return-to-owner rates in the United States.

•  Provided foster care for the 1,515 animals that needed extra care to recover from abuse, injury, illness, neglect or who were too young to adopt.  

•  Provided 357 animals alternatives to entering the shelter via our innovative Safety Net program.

•  Adopted 2,938 Buncombe County animals into loving homes.


About Asheville Humane Society

Asheville Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in our community through education, sheltering and adoption. Asheville Humane Society has operated the Buncombe County Animal Shelter since September 1990. In September 2010, Asheville Humane Society, in partnership with Buncombe County, opened the Animal Care Campus which comprises two facilities: Asheville Humane Society Adoption and Education Center and the Buncombe County Animal Shelter. The two facilities work in tandem in a public-private partnership that serves as a national model for other communities hoping to work collaboratively on eradicating animal homelessness. 

About the No More Homeless Pets® Network

The No More Homeless Pets® Network of animal welfare and sheltering organizations is committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption and spay-neuter programs. Together, we’re working to end the killing of healthy pets in our nation’s shelters.

Click here to learn more about Best Friends Animal Society’s No More Homeless Pets® Network.