Deep Creek Cemetery

The Deep Creek Cemetery is located between Renfro and Coleman Creek on the east side of RCR#56. Across the road from the cemetery is the former location of the Deep Creek School. In a letter to the editor, by Bill May, in the Steamboat Pilot, Oct. 25, 1990, Bill relates the following: "Dad taught (1901-1904) at the original old log cabin Deep Creek School, which was located directly across the road, to the west of the cemetery. That old log school was later replaced with a nice framed building, on the same location. I attended many a country dance in that frame school house. And before Dad bought our present "home ranch" here on Elk River in '28 our family attended sunday school and church at the Deep Creek school house. And the school house was also used for every sort of community meeting or gathering and for weddings and for funerals".

In September of 1990, the Deep Creek community came together to help restore the old cemetery. Through their efforts and the support of many individuals and businesses the cemetery is now well maintained. This restoration project included: rebuilding the fence, resetting headstones and clearing the overgrowth and sage. Unfortunately, prior to this work two of the headstones were moved to the Hayden Cemetery. These stones marked the graves of members of the Eddy family.

The Deep Creek community is formed by a small group of ranches in that area. A town was never established but the community spirit still exists. As stated before, the Deep Creek school was the center of the community.

Early land records show that George Day homesteaded this site in 1895. He received a patent on 160 acres in 1902. In 1912 he deeded the land to S. Drake and in 1914 S. Drake deeded it to J. L. Drake. It was not until 1925 that a cemetery association was formed and the land was deeded from J. L. Drake to the cemetery. Although the cemetery association was not formed until 1925 graves at this site pre-date this organization: Geo. Miller 1908, Clarence Robinson 1913 and Suttle 1906.

LOCATION: 20 ft east of RCR#56
BURIALS: 30 burials with 17 inscribed stones from 1906 to 1949
CONDITION: 105 ft x 165 ft in good condition, enclosed with a wooden fence
USGS QUAD MAP: PILOT KNOB, CO 7.5 1971 UTM 13; 328590 mE 4499760 mN

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