The Milo Historical Society is located in Milo, Maine.

The Milo Historical Society Museum is located at 12 High Street in Milo, Maine.

1:00-3:00 pm
Tuesdays & Fridays
(during July & August)

You may also make an appointment by calling:
Joan Henderson at 207.943.2377
Allen Monroe at 207.943.2268
Town Crier - Volume 16 (1977)
Fire of 2008
Updated Photo Gallery
We have a new addition to our website. Along with The Town Crier, we now have the complete collection of the Three Rivers News! It was donated to us by the Three Rivers Community Alliance.

We are looking for some missing town reports. If you know anyone who might have them, contact us!
1884-1902, 1919, and 1924

Where does Milo's name come from?
Local Folklore relates that Theophilus Sargent, one of our community's earliest settlers, was given the honor of choosing the town's name. His choice was in all probability based upon the following Greek legend:

Milo (6th Century B.C.)
Milo was a famous Greek athlete in the latter part of the 6th century B.C. It was claimed that he once carried a four-year-old cow through the stadium at Olympia. Afterwards, he ate the whole animal. The story goes that, as an old man, he tried to tear an oak tree in two, but the trunk closed on his hands and pinned him to the tree. While held there, he was attacked and devoured by wolves.


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