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MISEREOR Lenten Campaign 2015

Think anew. Dare to change.

Climate change is happening. While here in Germany we have ways of dealing with these impacts, and in any case live in different climatic contexts, people who live along the coasts of the Philippines, for example, face a threat to their livelihoods.


Practices in development work

Blog 'Altoparlante' ('loudspeaker')

Altoparlante.info ('loudspeaker') is a Spanish-language blog supported by MISEREOR. It gathers contributions by grassroots groups, civil society organisations and individuals in Latin America and mainly targets people in that region. Through information, exchanges of experiences and conceptual contributions, it aims to help people (self-)critically rethink common practices and opinions  in development work.
Visit the blog at www.altoparlante.infoHealth

MISEREOR is a member of CIDSE, an
alliance of 16 Catholic development
organisations from Europe and North America.