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Ph.D. University of Denver | Creative Writing, Fiction | 2011
M.F.A. Brown University | Literary Arts | 2008
B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara | Creative Studies, Literature | 2001

Beyond This Point Are Monsters (Sidebrow Books 2013)
My dissertation addresses issues of production and reproduction in the TV melodrama and the inscribed surface of the house in the Gothic novel. This investigation is manifested in the form of fictional writings which borrow the conceptual metaphors and visual gestures of the genre. The dissertation is accompanied by a critical preface which addresses the creative work’s theoretical underpinnings.

Director: Selah Saterstrom
Readers: Brian Kiteley
Bin Ramke
Outside Chair: Trace Reddell


Miami University, Ohio | Visiting Assistant Professor
ENG 226 | Introduction to Creative Writing | Fall 2013 (2 sections)

Miami University, Ohio | Adjunct Faculty
ENG 226 | Introduction to Creative Writing | Fall 2011

University of Denver | Teaching Fellow / Instructor
ENGL 1000 | Introduction to Creative Writing: Fan Fiction | Fall 2010
ENGL 1000 | Introduction to Creative Writing | Spring 2010

University of Denver | Teaching Assistant
AHUM 1110 | Marvels, Monsters, & Misfits | Winter 2010
ENGL 3040 | Introduction to Publishing | Spring 2009
CORE 2403 | Versions of Egypt | Winter 2009

Brown University | Teaching Fellow / Instructor
LITR 0110 | Introductory Fiction | Spring 2008
LITR 0210 | Intermediate Fiction | Fall 2007
Brown Summer Studies | Introduction to the Crafting of Fiction | Summer 2008

College of Creative Studies, UCSB | Student Instructor
Literature CS 15-1 | For the Eager, the Innocent, and the Doomed | Winter 2000

Possible Classes
The Night Side of Nature: the Gothic through Film & Literature
The Diarist is a Camera
Dreaming in a World that is Immense: Mediated Writing



Beyond This Point Are Monsters (Sidebrow Books, 2013).

Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act (Jaded Ibis Press, 2012).


Solidus Reverse: poems. Costa Mesa: Greengate Press, edited by Ryan Hildebrand (Summer 2004).

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Auto Salvage: A Space of Second Chances,” w/ Braxton Soderman, Space and Culture: International Journal of Social Space (February 2008).



“The Cold, Alert” in Dusie, issue 14 (2013).

Beyond This Point are Monsters, cut scene 5″ in Necessary Fiction (August 2011).

“Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode Six” in Switchback, issue 14 (forthcoming, December 2011).

Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode Eight” in Dark Sky Magazine (July, 2011).

Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode Twenty-Two, Scene Five” in elimae (February 2011).

Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode Twenty-Five” in Peacock Review (May 2011).

“Film study # 7″ in New Fractur Arts Journal (December 2010).

“Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode Eighteen” in Tarpaulin Sky issue 17 (2011).

excerpts (18.2-5 & 19.1-3) from “Beyond This Point Are Monsters” in Uncanny Valley issue 001 (October 2011).

“Film Study #8″ from Glamorous Freak Fact-Simile issue 3.1 (September 2010).

Alike Bewitched,” Everyday Genius (June 11, 2010).

“Dark Shadows Even Filling the House,” Small Habits, issue one (2010).

“Beyond This Point Are Monsters, Episode 12″ and photograph “Bright Shadows,” Adj Noun Magazine: Brass Sopaipilla, issue 1, vol 1 (Corrugated Press, 2010).

Beyond This Point Are Monsters,” Sidebrow, (The Ghost Project, March 2010).

I Spoke“ La Petite Zine, issue 23 (Winter 2010).

“Mine-Haha” Caketrain, issue 07 (December 2009).

“How to Make a Mermaid Tale so You Can Wear it Around the House” with photographs “She Had So Many Devices” & “You’re as Sure as There’s a Sun,” Zelda: the Magazine of Vintage Nouveau (Autumn/Winter 2009).

Here Was This Glamorous Freak” in Wilderness House Review, issue 4, no. 3 (Winter 2009).

“Beauty #9,” “Speaking Across the Blood Castle” & “Suspicion,” Finery, issue 06 (September 2009).

Elsewhere“ Wicked Alice, (Fall 2009).

“Beyond This Point are Monsters, Episode 7.4,” Prayers for Children, issue 01 (2009).

“Beauty is Quite Strange #1-6,” Cherry Bleeds, #163 (February 2009).

“Beauty is Quite Strange #7,” and photograph “Film Still,” Words Dance, issue 12, VerveBathPress (2008). [flier]

“Women” and “Timber” (cover photograph), Wicked Alice Print Issue 2006.

Sylvia,” Ten Pound Island (2006).

“No Ideas But in Things,” Consumed: Women on Excess. Eugene, OR: So New (February 2006).

“This girl rosy with sleep,” Stay This Moment, Limited Edition artist’s book with texts by Mariam Firunts, Roxanne Carter, Charlotta Hedman, RS Butler, AVF and photographs by Hanne Piasecki (2005).

“In Between” and “Nancy,” Finery, issue 2 (Summer 2005). [image] [image]

Untitled prose, Wicked Alice (Winter 2005).

“So Slow Snow Down Now,” Words Spoken in Winter Will Not Be Heard: a Valentine, Horse Less Press. Edited by Jen Tynes & Erika Howsare (Winter 2005).

“One Sentence Love Stories” and “Unicorn” (cover illustration), The Little Book of Water, Roads, Violence, Fireflies, Cigarettes, Heartbreak, Distance, Death, Devastation and LaAmour, edited by Leigh Stein (Summer 2005).

Mariam,” Horse Less Review, issue 1 (2004).

New Media Texts

Legend,” Drunken Boat (issue 12, Fall 2010). Collaboration with Braxton Soderman. [allow pop-ups]

Housing Problems,” The New River: a Journal of Digital Writing and Art (Fall 2009).

“Larvatus Prodeo,”Bathhouse: A Journal of Hybrid Art, Vol. 4 No. 2. Collaboration with Braxton Soderman (Spring 2006).

The Defacement of Desire. Virtual Reality text for the CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment at Brown University. Collaboration with Braxton Soderman (2006).

Snowblind. Virtual Reality text for the CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment at Brown University. Collaboration with Braxton Soderman (2006).


“The Thought Did Not Bring You Closer,” Word Riot (September 2009).

“Before Sleep,” Small Spiral Notebook (Winter 2004).

Written in Ink (A Response),” 3am Magazine (July 2002).


Veiled in the Deep in Omnia Vanitas Review (forthcoming).

Highway 72,” cover photo for Pedro Ponce’s Homeland: A Panorama in 50 States, Seven Kitchens Press, 2011.

“South Park City, Fairplay, CO,” cover art for Melancholy Garden, Nature Bliss records, 2009. [image]

Photographs [1] [2], Cheap and Plastique Zine, issue 5 (Fall 2005).

Untitled photographs, Peces en el Pelo, issue 3 (Summer 2004). Edited by Irana Douer & Luciana Pérez.

Untitled cover photograph, Sleeps With Monsters Zine, issue 1 (2003). Edited by Leigh Stein.

“Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands, California,” F-Stop Magazine, issue 3 (December – January 2002-2003).


Going Away Hats. Solo show of photographs & handmade books, Epiphany.Book.Gallery, Beverly, MA. April 1-30, 2006.

Gardenias, Wild Orchids, White Georgian Violets, Silver Paper and Fake-Pearl-Headed Pins. Solo show of photographs & handmade books. Calico, New Bedford, MA. February 9- March 9, 2006.

19 @ 19. Group show (photographs). Studio 19, Easthampton, MA. December 3, 2004. January 31, 2005.

Burlesque-Bonanza. Digital slide show curated by Mariam Firunts. The Arsenal, Los Angeles. July 30, 2005.

Mobilivre 2005 (handmade books). Travelling exhibition of zines & artist’s books.

The Social (photographs). Digital slide show presented by Female Persuasion and curated by Anne Kelly. The Arsenal, Los Angeles. January 5, 2005.

Art of Zines 2004, (handmade books). San Jose Museum of Art, July 25 through October 31, 2004.

Ladyfest*East’s 99 square pegs, (photographs). M1-5, New York City, curated by Enid Crowe (June 2, 2004).

Female Persuasion. Group show (photographs). Curated by Anne Kelly. Cherry de Los Reyes, Venice, CA. November 8 — December 14, 2003.

E-motion. Group show (photographs). Castelo de S. Jorge. Lisbon, Portugal. Curated by Joana Linda. November 3-30, 2003.

2 Hour Photo, unauthorized display (photographs). Dallas, Texas. April 5, 2003.


Les Figues Press NOS* Contest
Beyond This Point Are Monsters | Finalist | 2011

Starcherone Press Prize for Innovative Fiction
Beyond This Point Are Monsters | Finalist | 2011

University of Denver
English | Graduate Teaching Assistantship | 2008-2011

Subito Press Annual Book Competition
Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act | Runner-up | 2010

Subito Press Annual Book Competition
Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act | Runner-up | 2009

Starcherone Press Prize for Innovative Fiction
Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act| Finalist | 2009

Chiasmus Press First Book Competition
Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act | Finalist | 2008

Brown University
Creative Arts Council Grant for Glamorous Freak | 2008
Literary Arts | Teaching Fellowship | Spring 2008
Literary Arts | Teaching Fellowship | Fall 2007


Writer’s Harvest | Miami University, Oxford, Ohio | Leonard Theater, Peabody Hall | November 1, 2011 @ 7:30pm | Readings by Brett Strickland, Catherine Wagner, Jody Bates, Joe Squance, Roxanne Carter and Steve Lansky

Reading from Glamorous Freak
Small Dream Ada Reading Series | Plus + Gallery, Denver, CO | June 11, 2011 @ 7pm | Readings by Danielle Vogel, Gregory Howard, Roxanne Carter and Sara Veghlan | Performances by Alaina Ferris, Tyler Gilmore, Roger Green, Jason Rosenholtz-Witt and Josh Moore.

The Bad Shadow Affair | Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO | October 2, 2010 @ 7:30pm |Readings by Nicole Beer, Roxanne Carter, Debrah Morkun, Kim Gek Lin Short. Hosted by Sommer Browning and Julia Cohen

Collaborative reading with Jen Denrow & Danielle Vogel
AWP Denver 2010 off-site reading hosted by Sidebrow | at Translations Gallery in conjunction with FactSimile and Tarpaulin Sky | Wednesday, April 7, from 5:30-7:30pm

“Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act” & “Beyond This Point”
Invited Reading | Book launch party for Subito Press | Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO | January 27, 2010

Publicly Complex Reading Series | Ada Books, Providence, RI | February 29, 2008

“Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act”
Invited MFA Thesis Reading | Brown University, Literary Arts | May 7, 2008

Reading | E-Fest 2007 | Brown University | February 2007

Untitled (“Nightmare of the Inner Ear”) w/ Braxton Soderman
Rereading the Screen: After Words | Reading Digital Literature Conference | Brown University | October 2007

Reading | Acoustic Musicians VS. Poets bout! | hosted by Sarah Reiter at the Perishable Theatre | Readings by Jen Tynes, Lynn Xu, Roxanne Carter, Marya Jones & music from Lewis & Clark, Tiger Saw, Strand of Oaks & Matt Everette | Sunday, July 7, 2006

Reading & Discussion | Small Press Night | Feed You Head Books in Salem, MA | with Black Ocean Press & Thieves Jargon Press | May 6, 2006 at 5 pm


Research Notes: Glamorous Freak and Beyond This Point Are Monsters in Necessary Fiction (May 10, 2013).

Interview by Terry for her You’ve Got No Reason to Fight project (16 March 2011).

Interview by David Hoenigman, Word Riot, Feb. 2011.

Looks” interview by Tricia Royal, Bust Magazine, Dec-Jan 2010-2011.

Interview from Gina Abelkop’s zine, Freshette, 2010.


Creative Writing Representative, English Graduate Student Association, University of Denver, 2009-2010.

Web Design

Overview of Web Design work >>>

Miami University Winter Writers Conference, Jterm Conference

University of Miami, Ohio, Comparative Media Studies, department website

Interrupt 2008, a festival celebrating writing and performance in digital media, October 12-19 at Brown University

French Film Festival, Presented by Brown University, February 2008

Providence Zombie Film Festival, October 26-31, 2007 [also created print materials (posters and postcards) for the festival]

Wordlessnessless of the Miteinander, web design for a presentation by Michael Joyce & Alexandra Grant as part of issue 19, winter edition 2005 of the Notre Dame Review

Queer Window: 2005 LGBTQ Film/Video Festival, Presented by Brown University


“21st Century literature as Mashup” Panel | &Now Festival | San Diego, October 2011

“Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress to Act”
Seeing Stars Panel | &Now Festival | San Diego, October 2011

“Robert Coover and the Tale of Tales: Iteration and the Insistence of Red”
Electronic Literature Organization: Archive & Innovate | June 3-6, 2010 | Brown University | Providence, Rhode Island, USA

“Robert Coover and the Tale of Tales: Iteration and the Insistence of Red” | Abstract
Electronic Literature Organization: Archive & Innovate | June 3-6, 2010 | Brown University | Providence, Rhode Island, USA


University Miami, Ohio | Managing Editor, Miami University Press | 2013

University Miami, Ohio | Webmaster, English Department | 2013

University of Denver | Writing Center Consultant | 2008-2009
Met with students to help them develop effective strategies for approaching the writing process

Brown University | Research Assistant, Sociology | 2008
Ordered research materials; entering bibliographic references into EndNote, and transcribing audio interviews

Brown University | Women Writer’s Project | Proofreader | 2008
Proofread texts encoded in SGML to check for accuracy and consistency with the original printed document

Persephassa Small Press | Editor & Publisher | 2001-2007
Edited, printed and handmade books of fiction and poetry; titles were aquisitioned by Special Collections at UC Irvine, included in art shows and sold at independent bookstores

Rhode Island Center for the Book | Americorps*VISTA | 2004-2006
Worked independently to build sustainability as the sole full-time employee of a fledgling non-profit; created and maintained a mailing database of 3,000+ entries; organized a literacy contest for school children; responsible for updating and maintaining organization’s websites; created marketing materials; provided administrative support to the director in organizing an annual conference with 200+ attendees and a May Breakfast with 800+ attendees including guest speakers

William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA | Library Assistant | 2001-2003
Shelving and monitoring of reading room; handling and photocopying of delicate materials; assisted with book displays and fulfilling research queries from scholars

Special Collections, University of California, Santa Barbara | Library Assistant | 1998-2001
Digitization of audio materials; organizing archival materials into a database

Ojai Public Library, CA | Library Assistant | 1998-2001
Shelving, check-in and check-out; provided reference at the desk and by phone; created crafts for story time; participated in library fund raisers


Selah Saterstrom
Brian Kiteley (Teaching Evaluation)
Bin Ramke
Adam Rovner