Don Theyken's Dances

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My Dances

Here are some of the dances I wrote over the years. The dance pages are in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader which is available free at

Contra Dances

39 Again

A Long Time Hall

CK Circle Dance

Connie's Hey

Dawn Dance, The

Insomniac Reel

Martha's Mischief

Prof. Freeman's Fancy

Sandy's Smile

Webster Hall Reel

Livingroom Contras, 2 Couple Dances

Thursday Night

English Country Dance

In the Presence of Friends

The Fuerst Maggot This dance was danced to the Martha Stokely tune "Doctor Who Pirate Jig".

Ms Morningstar's Maggot This dance was written in 1988, Judi Morningstar wrote the tune. The dance was not very good so it rested peaceably for many years. Then Judi reminded me about the dance and tune, so I made some changes to the dance and made it better. Judi's wonderful tune is also included with the dance

More dances will be posted as I finish preparing them for the web.

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