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Winning Year: 1985
Author: Kevin Crossley-Holland
Title: Storm

Original Publisher: Heinemann
Current Publisher: Egmont
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749746988
In Print

Annie knows the secrets of the great marsh. She's even heard about its ghost. On a terrible night, when Annie must brave the storm alone, not even she knows what to expect.

storm, ghosts


Kevin Crossley-Holland was born in 1941 in Mursley, North Buckinghamshire, and grew up in Whiteleaf, a village in the Chiltern hills of western England. He attended Oxford University, where after failing his first exams, he developed his passion for Anglo-Saxon literature. After graduating, he was the Gregory Fellow in Poetry at the University of Leeds and from 1972-1977 he lectured in Anglo-Saxon for the Tufts University of London program. He worked as a children's book editor while beginning to write his own poems and reinterpretations of medieval legends. He has taught for extended periods in America and now lives in Norfolk.


a norfolk reader
  What an atmospheric, spellbinding book! my daughter loves it (especially as it is frightening!). living as we do in norfolk it makes it all the more real to her - and when the fog drifts across the nearby marshes...

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