A Sunbury constable is fighting pot laws

potSUNBURY — A Sunbury constable is taking a stand in defense of medical marijuana. This week Ed Quiggle Jr., state constable for Sunbury’s 9th Ward, signed a policy resolution that aims to protect the right to privacy and the rights of medical marijuana patients.

The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Reform Resolution makes it an official policy to not enforce or cooperate in the enforcement of acts, which prohibit, penalize, or criminalize medical marijuana.

Quiggle says, “This is about protecting patients, their medical freedom, their right to privacy and their inherent rights.” He says his office will not be enforcing any local or state act, or assisting or cooperating in the enforcement of any federal act that prohibits medical marijuana and similar medications.

The resolution is based in part on language from a proposed ballot initiative, and Quiggle is urging residents of Sunbury to support the ballot initiative. There are new groups in Sunbury and Shamokin, People…United for Medical Marijuana who are calling for ballot initiatives which would allow voters to have a say in local pot law enforcement. (Sara Bartlett)



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