Science Collaboration;

R&D; Collaborations Enhance Our Ability to Innovate

DuPont scientists and engineers connect market needs to science-based solutions. Our success is measured by the value we generate for our company, our customers and society.

DuPont’s mission has always been to apply world-class science to solving the most difficult challenges of our time. This applies today more than ever, as the 21st century makes extraordinary demands of increasing complexity and scale.

We believe that the answers to these challenges can be found through inclusive innovation. Simply stated, we believe that by working together, with more people in more places than ever before, we can find new and better ways to solve these global challenges.

Every day, DuPont scientists and engineers are working collaboratively with academics, governments, other companies and organizations to deliver scientific innovations and long-term sustainable solutions to help improve the lives of people everywhere.

From advancing the nutritional content of crops, to helping farmers and growers around the world increase food productivity, to finding better ways to ensure food security and safety, we’re working every day to get more good food to more people in every corner of the world.

We’re also developing global energy solutions that contribute to a brighter energy future with innovations that are helping to make cars lighter, fuels cleaner and sustainable energy sources—such as the sun—easier to harness.

And, from life-saving body and car armor to cleaner refrigerants and sustainability solutions, we’re working to keep our earth and its precious inhabitants safe from harm.

Together, we are creating solutions through science-driven innovation to feed the world, build a secure energy future and protect what matters most.