10 Reasons to Tweet at a Conference

I started tweeting at events when I realized that I was spending as much time and effort tweeting out the most relevant points of the session I was in as I spent taking notes – plus, the notes I took were less relevant than my tweets, since I was only tweeting out the best parts!  Tweeting at conferences has allowed me and others to share info from sessions we may not have been able to attend.  Once I committed to live tweeting conferences, I got a lot of great, positive feedback about it from other attendees.   I have had many people come up to me and say “Hello @kentbrooks”.  It has been a great way to meet other conference attendees and more.  Here is a summary of my top reasons to Tweet at a conference.

Ready or not here I come

Reasons to Tweet at a Conference

  1. Take Conference Notes … I type faster than I write

  2. Archive Conference Notes… Archive is immediate and public

  3. Share Conference Notes…Just point people to your Twitter Feed

  4. Build a Personal Learning Network (PLN)…This goes beyond people you meet at the conference

  5. Meet Fellow Attendees… Whether the conference is small or large, finding a way to connect is the most valuable part of any conference.

  6. Gain Insight to Some of Your Own Thoughts… After the conference I can go back through thread to review important items and reflect on the important items.

  7. Share Resources… links, images and people to follow all become part of your social conference experience

  8. Allows you to Summarize Important Points…140 characters at a time forces you to summarize. This helps me evaluate my understanding (or lack there of) of a conference session

  9. Gain from Sessions held Simultaneously…I can partially remove my frustration at not being able to to attend 3 or 4 conference tracks at a time since I can glean ideas, links and comments  from different sessions.

  10.  It helps me Confirm I am in the Right Session…Keeping an eye on the twitter stream allows me to head to a different simultaneous session if the topic in another sessions turns out to be more directly related to my work, if I am unsure of a certain content or if the session just stinks.  (This may be rude, but with limited travel $$$ we have to make the most of any conference and glean the very best ideas from sessions we attend)

Ironic, isn’t it…technology humanizing the experience of a live gathering of people.


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