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Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center

Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center

Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center

The C. Kenneth and Dianne Harris Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center features a 7,500-square-foot Class-1000 cleanroom for the fabrication and development of a wide array of micro- and nanofabricated devices, as well as state-of-the-art materials.

Device fabrication includes high-speed solid-state electronic devices, optical devices, silicon MOS transistors, micro-electro-mechanical systems, solar cells, microfluidic components, surface acoustic wave devices, biochips, and other state-of-the-art microsensors and systems. Devices are fabricated on materials ranging from MOCVD- and MBE-grown semiconductors, wide bandgap semiconductors and III-V semiconductors to conventional silicon and dielectric materials.

The center is divided into two separate facilities, the first floor 4,500-square-foot Class-1000 Interdisciplinary Cleanroom as well as the 3,000-square-foot Class-1000 Microelectronics Materials and Device Laboratory. The first floor is a multiuser research and educational facility, directed by Gary M. Atkinson, Ph.D., which is accessible to School of Engineering faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students, as well as university faculty and outside users. The MMDL is a dedicated research laboratory under the direction of Hadis Morkoç, Ph.D.

First floor

Interdisciplinary Cleanroom

Interdisciplinary Cleanroom virtual tour

Third floor

Microelectronics Materials and Device Laboratory